Brits fight for place in kur at WEG

  • Britain’s first three dressage riders in the grand prix special posted respectable scores that may just be enough to see them into tomorrow’s kur.

    Maria Eilberg (Two Sox) and Fiona Bigwood both produced mistake-free tests. Carl Hester had several mistakes with Liebling II but still scored 70.4%.

    Fiona told H&H: “My horse came here for the team and he’s surpassed himself. To reach the kur [by being in the top 15] would be an absolute dream.”

    Competing in the midday sun, Fiona was concerned that Wie Atlantico would not have enough energy, whereas on the contrary his passage was more expressive than ever.

    “The horses are tired today,” said Fiona. “We were very careful not to do too much with our horses in the past week; some people panic before a championship and over do it.”

    Liebling did appear more tired, competing a little later in the afternoon.
    The horse broke in an extended trot and had a blip in the one-time changes. Carl was concerned about him being so hot after the test so rode him back to the stables.

    Maria was luckier to ride in the morning, being third on when it was cooler. However the judges hadn’t really got going giving out the higher marks and were a little stingy and they scored plus-68%.

    Maria said: “He tried so hard for me again, he didn’t let me down and I suppose I didn’t let him down, which is more important. He felt really secure.”

    We are now waiting for Britain’s number one Laura Bechtolsheimer to work herself into the medal books with a top score and medal win this afternoon.

    Check back later for the final results.

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