Amy Stovold swaps dressage for racecar driving

  • Rider Amy Stovold swapped dressage for driving on Tuesday, 8 July, when she spent the day behind the wheel of a racing car.

    The idea was to improve her riding by honing her skills in a car.

    Amy, who hopes to compete for Britain at London 2012, was unsure of the idea to start with but began to see parallels between the riding and driving.

    “I was a bit sceptical at first, but thought it was worth a go,” said Amy. “I was really intrigued when I was told that I had to make very gentle movements to let the car know what I was about to do. It sounded just like the skills I apply in the dressage arena.”

    “Overall I believe the best thing to have come out of my training has been the boost to my confidence and a real belief in the skills I have developed in my career as a dressage rider.

    “I have a better belief in my own abilities and a realisation that I have a touch and feel which is more deeply seated than I thought.”

    Amy took to the track with top Formula One trainer Rob Wilson, who was impressed with her driving.

    Rob said: “Amy’s feel for the car is truly exceptional, using her equestrian skills to be subtle with both her hands and feet gave her an edge over most of my students.”

    The idea came from Amy’s sponsor Nick Jacobs from Rowan Asset Management who suggested there was a parallel between the two sports.

    Nick said: “Many may question the link between motor racing and dressage; however both sports require extensive preparation, co-ordination and sensual skills to participate at the highest level.

    “The success of the cross training will be revealed in her next ride for Great Britain at Hickstead at the end of July.”

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