Nedz – excellence in equine bedding

Nedz offers the latest innovations and technological advances in bedding combined with the traditional benefits of straw, to provide a range of superior and cost effective products for every horse and pony

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    Designed with the health and well-being of both horse and rider at heart, Nedz pride themselves on manufacturing top quality products that offer effective bedding solutions for all horse owners.

    Nedz offers three different bedding solutions, Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance, which are all made from British top quality sourced straw. Once collected the straw undergoes a rigorous dust extraction process, creating a virtually dust free product, perfect for horses who that suffer with allergies.

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    All three products are treated with our unique Natural Nedz formula which is made from all organic and natural ingredients, but is bitter tasting to deter any bed eaters. Made from manuka oil, aloe vera, cade oil and silver,  this unique formula has a host of powerful properties which include being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-parasitic. It is ideal for horses with sensitive skin, respiratory problems, allergies and hoof issues like thrush.


    Nedz Original was one of the first chopped straw products on the market and it still remains one of the best. Made from wheat straw, Original offers a more traditional method of bedding with all the technical advances from Nedz. Cosy, cost-effective and rivalling shavings for absorbency, Nedz Original works best when mucked out every day and is great for the environment and your muck heap, as it biodegrades within two to three months and can then be used as a fertiliser.

    Nedz Pro is made from rape straw and is extremely absorbent, outperforming many other types of bedding. Better suited to a deep littering style with the wet being taken out just once a week, it is easy to use, cost-effective, comfortable and due to its absorbency, is ideal for horses suffering from respiratory conditions. Nedz Pro creates a super hygienic all-natural environment for your horse and again, biodegrades very quickly.


    Nedz Advance is the newest product on the market, in the Nedz range. This is a straw pellet capable of absorbing up to five times its weight in liquid, so only a thin layer is needed for even the wettest of horses. The super absorbent pellet has been developed by Nedz to require minimum mucking out, therefore creating very little waste. On average Advance has been found to provide a 60% to 70% reduction in waste over conventional bedding, and being highly biodegradable it is also better for the environment. There is no need to wet the pellets which will naturally fluff up to create the perfect environment for your horse. Treated like the other products with our Natural Nedz formula they do not mould like some pellets and are only created from top quality straw so you know exactly what your horse is stabled on.