FormaHoof – 21st Century Hoof Care

FormaHoof is a breakthrough system that is revolutionising the way we care for our horses’ hooves.

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    FormaHoof Hero ImageFormaHoof is a breakthrough reusable mould system that offers a highly effective and easy to apply solution to every hoof care challenge. From laminitis and white line disease to thin soles, collapsed heels or conformation, developmental and poor performance issues, FormaHoof uses the latest technological advances in materials and design to enhance the performance and long-term soundness of your horse.

    FormaHoof’s liquid fit reusable mould process gives the perfect fit in every application. FormaHoof AP has similar structural properties as healthy hoof, allowing it to expand and contract on movement as a healthy barefoot hoof while offering conformation support, lift and protection for the hoof that is just not possible with a traditional 2D horseshoe.

    Hoof problems lie at the heart of many lameness and soundness issues in horses. FormaHoof allows any hoof imbalances, structural weaknesses or conformation challenges to be quickly and effectively corrected, to give the best chance possible for a lame horse to return to full soundness and for sound horses to stay that way.

    FormaHoof supports healthy hoof development and aids recovery from a wide range of issues, including:

    • Laminitis
    • Navicular syndrome
    • High-Low syndrome
    • Seedy toe/ White line disease
    • Thrush
    • Abscess First Aid and recovery
    • Hoof cracks
    • Hoof related lameness cases
    • Palmar angle realignment
    • Post-surgical support
    • Adult limb deformities treatment
    • Foal limb deformities treatment and many others.

    FormaHoof white Line disease

    White Line Disease

    The images above show a 16-year-old AQHA, which suffered from a severe infection after seven years of managing a chronic condition. The horse grows very little hoof, increasing the difficulty of traditional treatment and the infection was present in all four hooves. His owner, vet and farrier were concerned at this stage that the coffin capsule was sinking and the decision was taken to apply FormaHoof. Eight weeks later, when the first set of applications were removed, an amazing progress in hoof recovery, growth and coffin capsule integrity was shown.

    FormaHoof Laminitis


    Horse and pony management should always be with a view to helping to prevent laminitis occurring in the first place, but for those that are afflicted, FormaHoof offers laminitic horses and ponies vastly increased comfort, protection and support and allows the hoof to repair and reform, naturally. The above x-rays are from an 18-year-old registered Canadian Horse in Ontario, Canada, which had gone through various treatments with little success. After two FormaHoof applications, the horse was able going back to barefoot with a great improvement.

    FormaHoof Sport Horses

    Sport Horses

    As FormaHoof is designed to wear like a natural, barefoot hoof, it allows the horse to naturally trim his own hooves with work, meaning an application can be left on a working horse for longer, without running out at the toe. The natural wearing allows the toe to be kept trimmed by the break over of the hoof, while the rest of the hoof is protected, allowing it to strengthen up and recover while the horse stays in work. If required (eg. in racing) a traditional metal shoe can be nailed, screwed or clued on to the application, which offers the 3D benefits of FormaHoof while giving additional wear while horses are in training.

    FormaHoof Moulds

    FormaHoof moulds

    Selecting the right FormaHoof model and size is crucial for the success of the application and comfort of the horse, our expert team is happy to assist with either.

    (picture above, from left to right: FormaHoof Barefoot, HP Traction, Performance, Performance with additional shoe).

    FormaHoof HorseCare

    Hoof Care for the smallest and the youngest

    Hoof care for minis and youngsters can be one of the most challenging areas of equine podiatry, presenting farriers with the double challenge of tiny limbs, hooves and many conformation issues. FormaHoof foal moulds are expertly designed to assist with many different conformation issues and can be also used on minis.

    FormaHoof Pick your colour

    Pick your colour

    For horse owners that like to add a personal touch to their FormaHoof applications, it is possible to add some colour or sparkle! Imagine your cross-country or team colours shining through on your horse’s hooves! Check out the FormaHoof social channels for more unique ways to customise the applications.

    How to apply FormaHoof

    FormaHoof have created a short video and a step-by-step Ggide on “How to apply FormaHoof”, which can be viewed on their website.

    The FormaHoof team is available to assist with any questions you may have regarding the application or removal process, or if you need advice as to the best choice of mould for you and your horse. Simply send an email with any questions you may have.