Ruggles Horse Rugs

Specialists in the design and online retail of horse/pony, Shetland/miniature/donkey and Heavy Horse rugs and accessories.

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    Address Loddington House, Loddington, Leicester, LE7 9XE

    Ruggles Horse Rugs, established in 2006, has an extensive range of rugs for equines of all sizes for all occasions.

    Whatever the turnout rug’s weight or size, the outer fabrics Ruggles uses are 1200D waterproof/breathable to a standard of no less than 5000mm/5000g/m2/24hrs which exceeds many fabrics that are 3000. In addition, all Ruggles turnouts are Teflon coated, which gives extra strength and protection to the fabric and allows the rain to ‘bead’ off meaning the rug is less heavy and quicker to dry out.


    Ruggles has a range of hoods and body suits, both with and without ears. The Lycra hoods and suits are ideal for keeping plaits in place and helping to keep your horse clean prior to an event. Fleece hoods with satin mane and chest lining are an alternative in colder weather. The heavy duty shower proof turnout hood with satin mane lining will help to keep your horse’s face and neck clean in muddy weather making it a time saver for the busy owner.


    Heavy Horse rugs are included within the Ruggles range which cater for those horses who require extra depth and need a more generous fit at the shoulders and chest such as Percherons, Shires etc. The rugs are available up to size 7’6 and this range continues to grow and is extremely popular.


    Ruggles has an extensive range of fly rugs available both in combo and with a detachable neck. The mesh combo with waterproof top line is a popular choice with those owners wishing to give some protection in showery weather. Our standard fly rug with detachable neck cover is an ideal choice for those who wish to have the option to remove the neck. Our 1000D solid fabric UV combo fly rug with ear holes and belly band is a popular choice, which provides excellent protection from biting insects.


    Miniature horse and Shetland pony rugs are extremely popular in the Ruggles range. Whether needing a practical turnout rug or wishing to look smart at a show, we are confident that you will find a rug for any occasion here.


    Whether you need a light stable rug for warmer weather or a thick and cosy one for a clipped horse or in colder weather, you will find what you require within the Ruggles range.


    There are a huge number of donkeys in the UK, ranging from those kept merely as pets to those that work, for example driving. Whether it be a fleece to help to dry your donkey off, a turnout to provide some protection, a fly rug for the summer or something smart to attend a show, we are confident you will find what you are looking for within the range.