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snuggle dreamer are experts in dog caves, dog pillows, dog beds, leashes and collars and are always on hand to give your dogs a comfortable and healthy life.

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    Address Mainzer Landstraße 166, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Does your dog like to cuddle?


    Does your dog

    … have fretful sleep and finds no rest?

    … does he seek a sheltered place when there is no hustle and bustle?

    … and prefer warm berths?

    … does he have no undercoat and cools down quickly?

    … and does he love to be covered up and relax under a blanket?


    Then your dog will love snuggle dreamer!


    A snuggle dreamer gives your dog a quiet dog basket and protected retreat.

    Not only does it allow your dog to sleep softly and comfortably, but also covers him up.

    A special tube keeps the entrance open, so that your dog can easily climb in by himself and enjoy his sleep retreat.


    snuggle dreamer dog beds are particularly suitable for

    • anxious dogs, Puppies and young dogs
    • comfortable “couch potatoes”
    • dogs with short coats, no undercoat, or seniors


    The lining of snuggle dreamer dog beds are made of fine imitation fur which flatters his sensitive nose and keeps him safe and warm in the cave.

    And if your beloved furry friend has once again proven himself against mud, forest and weather and comes home to crawl straight back into his cave to enjoy the triumph of the outdoor experience, then it’s good to know that the dog cave is machine washable and so is super easily to clean

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    Check out the snuggle dreamer lookbook below…

    Snuggle-Dreamer-Grey Snuggle-Dreamer-Pink Snuggle-Dreamer-light-green Snuggle-Dreamer-LIght-blue

    Snuggle-Dreamer-dog-leash-black-sky Snuggle-Black-Sky-Leash-2-1400x744

    Snuggle-Collar-Black-Sky-1400x744 Snuggle-Collar-Black-park-1400x744 Snuggle-Collar-1400x744