Suzanna Hext’s road to recovery: holiday sun and a fairytale wedding

  • Three years on from the riding accident that changed her life, Suz shares her latest update involving friends, family and more fabulous fun


    As I’m writing this blog, I’ve got my brother in my ear saying ‘you always start your blog saying life’s incredible and I can’t believe how far I’ve come…’

    So this time I’m going to say that, three years on from my accident, I’ve have enjoyed some of the best few weeks of my life. They have been seriously special and have given me memories I will treasure forever.

    Sun, sea, sand and security!


    On holiday with Sophie

    The incredible past few weeks since my last blog started with a holiday to Majorca with my great friend, Sophie Stones.

    It was fantastic to get away for a few days and catch a bit of sun and relax. This wasn’t without a few stories to add to the adventure, such as getting lost in Palma after braving some technical public transport routes to get there… And the hotel’s fire alarm went off at 1am, leaving us having to tackle three flights of stairs, before realising we were locked out of our room as in the rush we had forgotten to take our room key with us!

    Then we had fun and games with airport security in Spain trying to get the staff to understand that I couldn’t go through the scanner as I’ve got a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted inside me. They finally comprehended what we were explaining and let me go through without being scanned. I breathed a sigh of relief until they proceeded to pat me down and take my crutches off me at the same time (as they needed to be scanned separately). At this point my body went into a turmoil of spasms and I had a number of concerned looks from everyone surrounding me. Except the staff, who didn’t even offer me a chair while I had the crutches scanned. Needless to say, when I actually got on the plane, I was extremely relieved!

    It was fantastic holiday and I felt refreshed and ready for my sister-in-law-to-be’s hen do on my return. The hen do was great fun, and we were extremely lucky with the stunning weather. We kayaked a long way to Sophie’s favourite beach – The Lighthouse Beach – and lay in the sun and chilled in the day. Saturday evening we travelled by mini bus to Falmouth for a fantastic night out. We had a ‘blow up’ Jamie (my brother) that not only went Kayaking with us, but came on the whole night out and survived! I managed to gain my own personal lift up and down the stairs, aka the bouncers that took it in turns!

    Sunday was very sedate – we had a garden party and all looked slightly peaky!

    Bishop Burton: what a week…

    I absolutely loved my week in Yorkshire at Bishop Burton Para International. I had Amo in the two-star and Abira in the three-star and it was certainly well worth the long trip.

    It was a successful week with both Amo and Abira really performing. Amo had a disappointing first test, but then went on to get a third and a second in her next two tests. Her freestyle test was great fun and she really danced when the music came on.

    Bishop Burton College - Para Equestrian Dressage 2015 - CPEDI 1*/2*/3*

    Abira (pictured above, photo by Adam Fanthorpe) really stepped up and we got some fantastic results. He was second, third and second in his tests. He also got extremely expressive when he was doing his freestyle. The louder it is, the more he dances!

    I was very lucky to have expert help from Anne Dunham while I was at Bishop Burton. Anne warmed me up for each test and had some fantastic pointers for me to take away and improve on.

    Emma Harford was a super groom and the horses looked fantastic all week. I feel extremely lucky to have the support from Talland School of Equitation around me. I couldn’t have ever thought in my wildest dreams that three years on from my accident I would not only be competing atiInternational level, but also getting some great results with two lovely horses.

    My Aunty Jacqueline and husband David came and watched me at Bishop Burton. This was very special as they travelled down especially to support and watch me compete.

    New sponsors

    I’m very excited to announce my new sponsors Griffin NuuMed which produce top quality numnahs and other accessories. The horses are extremely lucky to be kitted out in the Griffin NuuMed range. I can’t wait to get out and about competing in all the new goodies!

    My brother’s big day

    Last weekend we were unbelievably lucky with the weather for my brother’s wedding. After a torrential week of weather warnings, as you can imagine everyone was on tender hooks – particularly when the marquee went up.


    The whole day was extraordinary from start to finish. Jamie and Sophie went away from the church by boat and rowed across to our land where the wedding reception was being held overlooking the sea. It was a bit like a fairy tale – the perfect wedding!

    Catching up with relatives and friend of Jamie’s that I haven’t seen since my accident was particularly special. The whole wedding went off with a bang as the fireworks were set off in spectacular fashion. It was then time for the first dance, which then dictated the rest of the night of dancing till 4am. Not one to be defeated, I managed to keep up with the rest of them on my crutches!

    ‘You are your only limit’…


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