Sophie Wells’ blog: Don’t panic… panic!

  • H&H's dressage blogger is feeling quite laid back as the 1,000 day countdown to Rio begins, but is feeling less relaxed about Christmas

    Thursday 12 December was marked on social media as 1,000 days to go until the opening ceremony of Rio Paralympics 2016. Various calculations were made on my facebook page by fellow riders and coaches about how many hours, training sessions etc we had left to prepare!

    Joking aside, all it really means is that it’s getting closer. It’s about finding that balance between training and over training, and knowing how to pace you and your horse, for whatever your goal maybe. As I get older (the ripe old age of 23!) I appreciate time a little more, although it does seem to go quicker. After the disappointment of Beijing, it felt like we would have to wait a lifetime for London to come around, whereas now, time is flying by. So although Rio is now less than 1000 days away, we won’t be in any rush to push the horses. Our horses always dictate the pace!

    But there is plenty to try to achieve between now and then. Jorge has started learning flying changes, which in itself is helping to improve his balance and engagement. Noki is still on his down time with a lot of hacking just to keep him happy and joints moving. He’s much happier now because his pen is dry and he has some freedom! And we are continuing to develop Reece’s engagement needed at the higher levels over the winter.

    But while Rio stays firmly right at the back of our minds, Christmas is far more pressing. With lots of Christmas shopping still to do, now does seem like a good time to panic!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

    Sophie x

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