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  • I ended my last blog looking forward to the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale opening meet on my retired 3-star horse Louie (Bankon Louie). It was a lovely day with a big turnout of 140 mounted, plus a large number of foot followers and a great start to the season. Louie behaved impeccably and I fear my Mum and I will be fighting over him for the rest of the season!Rosie Fry and family out hunting

    The National Hunt racing is well and truly underway and my brother, Harry, has had quite a few runners recently, with a couple of really good winners in Karinga Dancer, ridden by fellow H&H blogger Nick Scholfield, and Mendip Express, ridden by champion point-to-point jockey Will Biddick.

    Having started working for him when the horses all came in from their summer holidays, looking big and well, it’s been really interesting to see their transformation to race fitness. I’m really enjoying learning about their routines and it is something I can take away and learn from for my eventers’ fitness.

    Kitkat (Another Breakfast) has just been clipped and is rather unimpressed at losing his lovely warm coat! He was getting warm just walking around the road so it had to come off and I can now start doing a bit more with him. I took my 4-year-old, Archie, on his first few hacks last week and at the moment he seems to have a very wise head on young shoulders.

    I have some exciting news; my website has just gone live so please do check it out, www.rosiefryeventing.co.uk. Michael Rogers (www.MDR-photo) designed and made it for me and I am very pleased with the result. He also came and did a yard photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and took some really great photos.


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