Roland’s nags ‘n’ nails: serious eye candy

  • Today was my first day back at college for the start of block five. There are eight college blocks in all, so this college attendance really marks the beginning of the end. It’s good to see everyone — we are all comparing stories and experiences from the past nine months since we were last here.

    Thinking back to college block one, when we were all fresh faced, we look quite different now. Everyone is chiseled and wirey, rugged and weatherbeaten. There’s not an ounce of fat between us and we’re all suffering from insatiable appetites. The queue for the coffee break counter now requires a visit to the hot food counter just to see us through to lunch!

    For the equine lady students and other girl students, who also study at the college, the farrier apprentices offer some serious eye candy! And don’t they know it. Muscle tops and tight t-shirts are the order of the day and there is a great deal of strutting and attention seeking.

    Of course, I cannot include myself in this! Firstly, I am far too old to be considered as eye candy. Secondly, I cannot compete with my younger strutters and thirdly, I swore never to wear a muscle top. That’s a young man’s game, so I keep my shoulders covered and maintain an aloofness that won’t get me into trouble (hopefully).

    Until next week,



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