Lauren Shannon’s eventing blog: I won’t get much work done at this rate

  • What an exciting week it has been here at home! Now there’s something you don’t normally hear yourself saying in January. We have had the diggers arrive on site to start on our new purpose built yard, and it feels beyond surreal that it is finally all happening.

    We have been planning this yard for what feels like forever now, so to have Elmtree Construction here and actually moving soil seems almost bizarre! I am so terribly excited about the whole process that I keep nipping outside to take pictures nearly on the hour.

    Whilst that isn’t the end of the world — I actually think a flipbook of the work would be a cool addition to the tack room — I won’t get much work done if I keep on that way for the next 3 months.

    Luckily to distract me this week I have Anky from Sederholm Selected, the UK distributer of Butet saddles, coming to check the fit of my saddles and bring a couple new ones to the yard. I have used Butet saddles the whole time I have lived in the UK, and I wouldn’t dream of using anything else. I have never seen a saddle that can fit so many horses so well, and the customer service from Sederholm Selected is incomparable.

    I also have a meeting with a prospective sponsor to provide all my new tack room accessories in the new yard at home this week. Building a yard is expensive, but filling it with useful things is extortionate if you are starting from scratch — especially if you want good quality! Luckily, we have met some great people along the way so far, and should be able to have a 5-star yard with all their help and support.

    On the riding front, the bruising on my leg has finally gone down enough to jump all the horses again, so they will get out jumping as soon as we can. My girls, Jess and Bex, went out with Holly’s owner George last week with the Readyfield Bloodhounds again, so the horses are enjoying lots of exciting days out — even if I have to play chauffeur occasionally. It’s a job I actually really enjoy — but only when I remember to pack the sausage rolls!


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