Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: Countdown to HOYS

  • Well as you can probably see from my lack of blogging my life over the last few months has been somewhat hectic!

    Work has slightly taken over my life and between that and looking after the two horses I can’t seem to remember having time for anything else! Although as I write this HOYS is just a few days away which means scarily the season is already nearly over!

    I had a fairly quiet August with the horses as work meant I couldn’t attend any of the championship shows this year. It was a bit gutting seeing everyone’s updates on how they were getting on, but hopefully next year I will be able to head off to one of them.

    I did however get to go and judge at the British Show Horse Association championship show, which was fantastic. It really is a wonderful show – well run and friendly with the most efficient and nice stewards. As well as that the standard this year was superb and it was an absolute privilege to ride some of the lovely horses I had before me.

    Ride judging really is an honour and I do think such a wonderful way to be able to judge a class. Most of the horses I got to ride gave me fantastic rides and the riders should feel really proud that they can produce a horse to the level where anyone can get on and they go so well.

    Judging up there did make me miss the horse classes and it is something I hope to get back into one day when I manage to have more time!

    The last couple of weeks have been filled with practices – I managed to get Jacob out for some in-hand practice and he did rather well ending up reserve reserve supreme of the show – I did manage to run but it also did make me realise how unfit I am. Because I ride every day I feel like I am fairly fit but running is something else!

    Olympia is a pretty big arena so I need to start doing a bit of running to ensure I don’t let Jacob down on the day.

    With winter starting to arrive the rugging up has finally begun although so has my mane panicking. It’s the first day today I have put a hood on Jacob and already I am worrying about his mane. As soon as a hood goes on his mane comes out! I have to keep his mane and coat until December which is not going to be easy.

    Sadly a few weeks ago I got broken into and the thieves very kindly stole all the brand new rugs I had saved to buy for Jacob’s Olympia preperation so currently I am managing with my old stuff until I get paid again and can buy the odd new one.

    I felt really gutted as anyone who has sadly been broken into knows you have worked hard to purchase items and somebody feels they can just take them. It especially hit me as they had clearly been around Jacob which is a horrible thought.

    Luckily I had kept his brand new hood in the car so I have that to use in the hope it will keep his mane and coat intact!

    Warwick and Chief both went out at the weekend for their pre HOYS warm up.

    Chlow Chubb

    Chief and I

    Warwick was perfectly behaved winning his class and coming reserve champion while Chief had other ideas. By the second class we managed to have got ourselves together and he went beautifully to win his class — let’s hope we get it right first time at HOYS as there are no second chances there.

    The next day I went back down to Ollie’s for more practice and a good old blast around the gallops!

    So I guess that is it – we should be all ready to go! I only have two days of work to get through and then me and Warwick will be heading into the Caldene Arena at the very early time of 7am!


    Riding Warwick in practice

    Sadly it will be my last ride on Warwick as he has been sold and will be going to his new home after HOYS. Whatever we achieve at our last show I am very proud of how far he has come and feel privileged to have had such a talented pony to ride. I am sure there will be a few tears shed but hopefully I can hold it together enough to give him a good ride.

    There is nothing quite like the build up to HOYS I sit at my desk planning my show thinking about every tiny aspect and a lot about how it can all gone wrong.

    I think after mine and Chief’s second last year I am even more nervous to get it right. How people manage to go back after they have won is beyond me!

    So good luck to everyone who is lucky enough to compete. There is nothing quite like the buzz of HOYS but as always it will be over in a flash – so no regrets – try and enjoy every moment!

    Fingers crossed I can make it into those top nine placings and do everyone who puts in so much work for me proud.

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