The Blair-bound blog — my first one-star: trying to contain ourselves

  • Hi guys,

    So yesterday (Thursday 23 August) was a relatively quiet day for us as our dressage is not until today. The lorry park and stables were very quiet in the morning as it was pouring with rain. The weather was interesting yesterday and it can’t seem to make up its mind — one minute it’s warm and sunny; the next blowing a gale and hammering rain. Although slightly difficult to decide when to ride, it did provide spectacular rainbows over the backdrop of Blair Castle.

    On our arena walk

    This morning Feu and I went for a dressage school and again worked through our test for tomorrow. He went really well, if a bit keen so I’ve changed his bit over in case he perks up in the arena. It was interesting trying to warm up a keen jumping horse when the cross-country warm up fences were being put in place! But we managed to contain ourselves.

    Having ridden early it allowed us to have a day to enjoy the shopping village and various other events that were put on. We found ourselves stood for some time watching the beautiful heavyweight hunters doing their thing in the show ring. It was lovely to also have the grassroots eventing here too, adding to the atmosphere. I keep overhearing the other non-international competitors saying that they are off to ride with the big eventers — I keep forgetting that it includes me!

    Feu enjoying a hand graze

    Having the shopping village here is great, if a bit too tempting, as anything you might have forgotten is here. I’d been meaning to bring hairspray with us for Feu’s quarter marks but somehow this got forgotten. So luckily we managed to pick up some quarter mark spray as well as a bridle hook for the stable.

    Continues below…

    Yesterday evening, Feu and I did our arena familiarisation and had a wander around the white boards and then I gave him a final tune up before tomorrow in the practice arenas in the warm up field.

    Doing some flatwork

    Last night we also went to a party in the catering marquee which was fun and games.

    Everything is set now for our dressage today and I’ll let you all know how it goes!


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