Amateur showjumper Lesley Ross: we’ve arrived at HOYS!

  • Meet HOYS-bound amateur showjumper Lesley Ross

    After nine hours, 440miles, three fuel stops and a lot of coffee, we arrived at the NEC at bang on 11am this morning.

    The weather was wild when we left Aberdeen and I was dreading the drive. It was a bit hairy — especially with the high winds and fog — but as morning was breaking, things were looking up.

    There were vets checking the horses as we drove in and then we were through to unload and locate our stable.

    Princess is amazingly fresh — almost too fresh — given how long she’s been travelling, and she is surrounded by games ponies in the stable area, who are brilliant and super cute.

    It’s all quite exciting now and the arena is looking rather big — eek! We took a walk up to the main arena from the stables to see how long it will take us tomorrow.

    It’s about a 15 minute walk and we kind of have our bearings now. The trade stands are unloading and setting up so there’s a good buzz about the place and it’s a hive of activity.

    I have just taken Princess for a wee hack around the outside lorry area — there are A LOT of lorries.

    Lesley Ross HOYS2

    My plan was to ride in the outdoor warm-up arena, but it’s mobbed and I don’t want her getting a scare. I’m trying to keep her as chilled out as possible and let her see as much as she can.

    I’ve declared for my class and the jumping order is announced this evening so I’m still not sure what time we will be going. I’m going to try and get an early night tonight as I was driving from 2am this morning and our class starts at 8.45am tomorrow.

    My family have arrived, but I won’t see them until after I’ve jumped tomorrow — I want to keep stress levels down and concentrate on the job in hand. I will socialise with the family once I’ve jumped!

    Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Wish us luck — come on Princess!

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