Worming made simple

  • Equimax is an ivermectin-based horse wormer that also combines praziquantel. Presented in a single syringe, this combination gives your horse or pony year-round protection in just five single dose treatments.

    The manufacturers say that until the introduction of Equimax, the only way to control tapeworm was to give a double dose of a pyrantel based wormer in spring and autumn.

    Pyrantel is not effective against all major roundworms or bots and another treatment needed to be given four to six weeks later using an ivermectin or similar drug.

    Supplied in an easy dosing Virbac syringe tube, one dose of the apple flavoured paste is enough to dose a 600kg horse.

    Extensively tested for safety and efficacy, Equimax has been shown to be safe for all horses and ponies, including breeding mares and stallions, as well as foals over the age of two weeks.

    Equimax costs around £14 excluding VAT and is available from licenced retailers.

    For more information contact Virbac ltd (tel: 01359 243200) or visit www.cyberhorse.net.au/virbac

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