What’s new: Thorowgood “Fish”

  • Buying a well-fitting saddle can be a perilous and painful journey requiring numerous visits from your saddler and forcing you to delve deep into your pocket.

    An added problem can be the change in most horses’ physical shape across the year as a varying workload and changes in diet take effect. This can lead to a perfectly fitting saddle become tight at certain times and verging on too wide at others.

    Thorowgood has come up with a solution to these problems, by introducing the “Fish” system to its extremely affordable GP saddle range.

    The Fish system enables riders to customise the width of their saddle within seconds to ensure the ultimate fit, all year round. No tools are needed and the shape of the tree remains the same to follow the contours of your horse’ back, with the width adjusted to accommodate slight weight fluctuations.

    The Griffin GP and Maxam GP saddles are supplied with two easy-fit inserts. These enable the saddle to be adjusted from a wide fit with no inserts, to a medium to wide fit with the thinner insert and a medium fit with the thickest insert as your horse changes shape.

    The Griffin GP with Fish is available in 16.5in, 17in or 17.5in seat sizes at around £270 – £290, while the cheaper Maxam GP with Fish costs from £175.

    For more information contact (tel: 01922 711676).

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