What’s new: SweepEx megabroom

  • Is keeping your yard clean and tidy getting you down? Are hours being wasted simply sweeping the yard? If so then Broadwood International’s new state of the art brush system could be the answer to your prayers.

    SweepEx is a modular brush system that can be easily attached to any motorised vehicles such as fork lifts, pick up trucks and tractors and can sweep an area that would take three hours manually, in just three minutes.

    The broom heads and mounting unit is manufactured from industrial strength steel to minimise maintenance, while the brush has 11 rows of 30cm robust bristles, which can provide around 450 miles of sweeping before they need replacing.

    According to the manufacturer, SweepEx generates a minimal amount of dust, so it won’t affect animals or people around the stables and will free up staff to do more important jobs.

    An added bonus, is that SweepEx can also be used to level surfaces in both indoor and outdoor menages, and sweeps a range of hard surfaces, such as car parks, driveways and any large concrete areas.

    The SweepEx system costs £635 plus VAT.

    For more information contact Broadwood International (tel: 01794 388881).

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