What’s new: Schooling wraps

The new Schooling Wraps from Sportabac offer all in one protection from the top of the cannon bone to the coronet band, extending to areas not covered by a standard brushing boot.

The extra cover below the fetlock joint makes these innovative wraps particularly suitable for young or unbalanced horses. They are flexible enough to allow full freedom of movement while providing even pressure and gentle support, especially to the suspensory ligament and superficial tendons.

The contoured and flexible bottom strap gives support, protection and additional shock absorption to the leg.

The wraps are designed to mould to the exact profile of the leg. An extra long bottom velcro strap allows you to trim them to the required length.

Made from top quality neoprene with an outer covering of Velcro receptive material, Sportabac’s wraps are quick and easy to fit. The four sizes offered fit both fore and hind legs and accommodate a wide range of horse sizes and types.

Sportabac schooling wraps cost around £30 a pair.

For more information visit: www.sportabac.co.uk

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