What’s New: Macwet’s Smart gloves

  • MacWet’s Smart gloves are said to be a revolutionary development in the equestrian glove market, ensuring that your hands are warm and dry this winter.

    Designed with all riders from all disciplines in mind, the gloves advanced features include unique breathable characteristics and guarantee maximum grip and feel when faced with the most adverse weather conditions, or the effects of splashing through water jumps and mud spray.

    The skin tight fit ensures that all duties can be carried out without having to remove the gloves – even adjusting tack!

    The fabric is made to allow skin to breathe so that even on the hottest days the gloves absorb any perspiration from the rider’s hands, and use the slight dampness to improve grip. During use, the Smart Gloves adjust to the climate and they dry out within 5 – 10 minutes keeping riders hands grippy at all times.

    Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and in short and long cuff styles, the gloves are machine washable and prices start from £24.99.

  • For more information contact (tel: 01829 771851)
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