What’s new: Global Herbs attack flies

  • Flies cause much irritation to our horses throughout the summer months. Global Herbs has launched a new three-fold attack on this annoying problem, using herbs to boost your horse’s natural defences.

    The Fly Attack pack consists of an ‘inside-out’ feed supplement, a shampoo and a cream to help keep flies away. The combination of all three products aims to provide an effective shield from the flies for your horse this summer.


    The pungent smell of natural Cedar oils in this supplement passes through the skin to create a chemical-free shield that will not evaporate in the sun like sprays can. The supplement should be fed at 10g per 100kg of bodyweight in your horse’s food twice daily for the first month and then can be reduced by half to maintain the effect. Costs around £19 for 1kg tub.


    A shampoo which contains similar Cedar herbs as Flyfree and can be used to give an impressive shine before a show. Shine also helps dandruff and scaly skin. Costs around £9.50 for a 500ml bottle.


    This cream can boost the effects of Flyfree on particularly sensitive areas and also contains natural oils that provide 48-hour cover from flies for your horse. Costs around £12 for a 200g tub.

    For more information contact Global Herbs (tel: 01243 773363) or email: info@globalherbs.co.uk

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