West Wilts affiliated show jumping results, 15 March

  • WEST WILTS EC 15 March
    Blue Chip Power.— 1 & 2, Catch Me MG & Onyx De Rouhet (M J Crawford); 3, Arkansaw Gold (E Dyer). Derby House British Novice.— 1, Pride of Shannon (G King); 2, Madame Jen (R Martin); 3, Spirit of Orion (D Harris). Equissage Discovery.— 1, Spirit of Orion; 2, Pride of Shannon; 3, Hunting Pink (S Patch). 1.05m.— 1, Eliane Elf (A Measor); 2, Crossways Leonard (A Measor); 3, Onyx De Rouhet. 1.10m.— 1, Crossways Leonard; 2, Radius (M Hoskins).

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