Welsh Show Time Finale results 24 – 25 September ’05

  • WELSH SHOW TIME FINALE David Broome Event Centre, Monmouthshire, 24-25 September

    Hagan Stud Open Non-Hackney In-hand (D Everitt, J Rees, W Vine) 1, D Thursting’s Ciffig Cymro Du; 2, R Cooper’s Willowcourt Samual (J Walters); 3, N Stanley’s Mondworth The Hurricane. En-Con Civil Engineering Rag, Tag & Bobtails 1, A Jones’s Medley Beau Brummer; 2, L Tapp’s Layton (M Tapp); 3, I Evans-Jones’s Tyler & Ron. Tumble Tack Exercise Class over 13.2hh 1, M Evans’s Llansantyfraed Black Jack; 2, K Dayer’s Dominic; 3, A & J Purnell’s Comanche Dancer. Young’s Boat Yard Concours D’Elegance 1, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 2 & 2nd res, V Hunter-Thompson’s Sam; 3, A Pritchard’s Northleach Roulette. Carl Evans Open Nov Private Drive 1, B Lewis & W Isaac’s Stapleford Harry (W Isaac); 2, D Peacock’s Cwm Meudwy Sparkling Comet. Luke Burder Shetlands 1, K Griffiths & P Mander’s Arran & Candyfluffs Remus. Pleasure Prints Exercise Class 13.2hh & Under 1, S Bone’s Brookfield Budweiser; 2, K Fennell’s Dennis The Menace; 3, C Partis’s Polly & Petra. horn blower 1, R Elliott; 2, M Horler; 3, B Ball. Liz Morris Show Turnout 1, Glenshane Prince; 2, A Hamilton-Rhodes & J Hollister’s Brookfield Eclipse; 3 & ch, J Osborne’s Krug & Cristal (G Docking). home-made exercise vehicle 1, C Evans’s Sam; 2, T Stockdale’s Oakmeadow Cerys; 3, D Price’s Midnight. WHHS members’ road drive 1, Krug & Cristal; 2, Brookfield Eclipse; 3, V Hunter-Thompson’s Sam. Colin Partis Ride & Drive 1 & ch, A Staniland’s Starlyte Little Trojan; 2, D Harper-Adams’s Shelly Melody; 3, Dominic. Phillip Ramsden’s Open Pleasure Driving 13.2hh & Under 1, T Ball’s Treolwyn Magic Moments; 2, N McGrail’s George (A Gardner); 3, Layton. Allen Family Hackney Pony To Show Wagon 1, J Apicellia’s Pam’s Little Star; 2, C Meads’s Sunbeam Emperor; 3, T Burrows’s Stevens Lucky Lad (S Barraclough). Llandyri Thoroughbreds Open Non-Hackney To Show Wagon over 13.2hh 1 & 3rd res, B Jones’s Cefn Gelli Bouncer; 2, Ciffig Cymro du; 3, P Power’s Bennetts Castle Shogun.
    Llandyri Thoroughbreds Open Non-Hackney To Show Wagon 13.2hh & Under
    1, T Veness’s Veness Action Man; 2, L Giles’s Leyeswick The Hustler; 3, J Dignum’s Wakefield Daniel. David Davies Welsh Section A, B & C 1, Northleach Roulette; 2, J Vyse’s Tyssul Iceman (M Vyse). Hold Active Engineering Open Pleasure Driving Over 13.2hh 1, Medley Beau Brummer; 2, Dominic; 3, Comanche Dancer. Leighton Edwards Open Private Drive 13.2hh & Under 1, S Burrows’s Buttons & Smarties; 2, T Morris’s Ceristan Barnfield Boy (A Thomas); 3, Starlyte Little Trojan. Jones Racing Open Private Driving Over 13.2hh 1, Mr & Mrs Green’s Jameson Rosie (B Ball); 2, T Jenkins’s Meiros Ronaldo; 3, C Green’s Cwmduad Chess’s Last. Tumble Tack Lady Whip 1, V Hunter-Thompson; 2, M Ryder-Gorden; 3, C Sheerman. Tumble Tack Gentleman Whip 1, M Tapp. Cilgerran Carriages Multiples 1, Krug & Cristal; 2, Buttons & Smartie; 3, Arran & Candyfluffs Remus. Anthony Killoran Memorial Hackney/Hackney Type Private Drive 1, res sup, res & res, S Dix’s Grants Havana. Neil Burder Welsh Section D 1, Jameson Rosie; 2, Cefn Gelli Bouncer; 3, C Sheerman’s Navestock Marksman. Skylark Country Stores Light Trade & Coachman 1 & sup, M Kesans’s Poiker & Tarlis; 2, W Bryant’s Leyeswick Magician; 3, H Mill’s Brookeborough Lady (S Thompson). jnr whip 10-14 yrs 1, E Ham; 2 & res, A Jones; 3, S Fahey. 15-18 yrs 1 & ch, M Howell; 2, K Staniland; 3, S Bone. George Rawlings Coachman Class & Drive 1, B Ginns’s Hamewith John, Glenshane Valentine, Sunbeam Star & Whattie; 2, A Leijerstam’s Diri, Delphe, Henri & Humour. Hayley McNiece Hackney Horse To Show Wagon 1, F Brown’s Bally Holly (A Brown); 2, S Wormold’s Atlouisprings Rhapsody. The Angels Veteran Drivers 1, J Osborne; 2, C Sheerman; 3, P Baker. Alan Barbrook Country Vehicles 1, Ceristan Barnfield Boy, M Ryder-Gordon’s Jurston Veronica & Murphy; 3, Arran & Candyfluffs Remus. Dix Family Open Showman 1, Grants Havana; 2, Glenshane Prince; 3, Jurston Veronica & Murphy. disabled driving ch 1eq, P Robinson & A Gardner. Victoria Food Co Championship Final 1, Starlyte Little Trojan; 2, Grants Havana; 3, V Hunter-Thompson’s Sam.

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