Welfare advice for new horse owners

  • The BHS has launched a welfare guide to advise owners on basic care for horse and ponies

    Caring for a horse or pony is extremely rewarding but when problems arise some owners may feel out of their depth. The BHS’s new “Guide to Horse Care and Welfare” is ideal for inexperienced horse owners and people thinking about buying their first horse.

    Produced in conjunction with The Home of Rest for Horses, it outlines recommendations to ensure a horse and pony’s welfare is catered for. It covers good husbandry, requirements for horses and ponies when stabled and at grass, general health care and feeding, as well as a brief glossary of horsey terminology.

    First-time horse owner, RenGreen said: “I wish I had read this guide before we bought my daughter’s pony. Moving from part to DIY livery is a big step and I believe this guide would be really helpful to most people.

    “It is easy to read and understand, is packed with information and it’s slim enough to pick up and read in an evening over a cup of tea.”

    The 24 page booklet, which has black and white illustrations, is available from the Welfare department of the BHS (tel: 01926 707807) in return for a £2.50 donation.

    Visit www.bhs.co.uk

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