WARRINGTON Daresbury, Warrington, 26 May

heavy horses (Mr R Gardner) y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Massey’s Primrose Hill EDS; 2, A Bailey’s Baicott Harriet; 3, J Bryant’s Holmes Park Mary. 2-y-o 1 & ch, E Cosgrove’s Hainton Amy; 2,D Worthington’s Alderley Prince Worthington; 3, K Pleavin’s Shordley Penny. 3-y-o 1, E Cosgrove’s Hainton Celebration; 2, O Whittaker’s Knutsford Senator; 3, H & A Callwood’s Colton Lees Lady Margaret. b’mare 1 & res, T Bull’s Arclid Cassandra; 2, D Worthington’s Moorstone Lees Lady; 3, G Kitching’s Moorfield Alice. foal 1, G Kitching’s Moore’s gay Julie; 2, D Worthington’s Walton Enterprise; 3, T Bull’s Arclid The Future. ridden 1, A Wiggert’s Cotebrook Realisation; 2, C Jacques’ Moorfield Maxillion; 3, A Belfield’s Blackbrook Amy. Irish Draught (E Walton) b’mare 1, S Benson’s Woodclose Silver Storm; 2, D Rudd’s Ladys Castle Moyle. foal 1, E Harrison’s Lottie; 2, S Benson’s Woodclose Fenella. y’stk 1 & res, M Marshall’s Toux Maybe; 2, K Summers’ Kingsclough Millligans Rose; 3, G Quinn’s Gwanwyn. sport horse 1 & ch, L Grant’s Styals Star Gazer; 2, J Southern’s Bay Willy; 3, C Blaskey’s Blue Chip Kinkaid. ridden 1, J Sarsfield’s True Blue; 2, B Brown’s Bridgeford Asher; 3, E Cheffings’ High Moon. part-bred 1, L Morton’s Blaney Stone; 2, A Doran’s Bally Dancer; 3, L Robinson’s Charasmatic Princess. hunters (Mrs A Leaver) novice 1 & res, J Callwood’s Irish Don; 2, N Barrett’s Acton Piccador; 3, N Robinson’s A Touch of Frost. small 1 & ch, G Molloy’s Pebbley Hunter; 2, A Richards’ Just Beano; 3, R Prescott’s Straits Anna. m’wt 1, L Lear’s Carnival Heights; 2, L Morton’s Blaney Stone; 3, J Callwood’s EJ. h’wt 1, Irish Don; 2, J Sarsfield’s True Blue; 3, C Ryan’s Windwards Dancer. open 1, A Young’s Westfield Celtic Warrior. SHP (Mrs P Ollerton) mixed ht 1, S Cunningham’s Cheldene Charlie Brown; 2, M McDonnell’s Pride; 3, J Robets’ Fleetcroft Temptation. 128cm 1 & res, J Cook’s Burname Catcher; 2, T McKay’s Crimson Third Edition; 3, T Conley’s Going Solo. 138cm 1, M Dale’s Tarrimond Fascination; 2, J Huggard’s Annarde Breeze; 3, K Mitten’sHurstead Quince. 148cm 1, M Braithwaite’s Pilgrims Tuatara; 2 & ch, C Heywood’s Holllinhurst Carribean; 3, N Leech’s Arabellas. mixed ht 1, Hollingshurst Carribean; 2, Pilgrims Tuatara; 3, N Leech’s Dominic. WHP (Mr P Billington) novice 1, H Denney’s Lady Tara; 2, A Bridgewood’s Techon Llinos; 3, l McAlice’s Joshua’s Quest. 128cm 1, S Davies’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 2, H Coghlan’s Moeltryfan Melissa; 3, S Duffy’s Rossdale Sandpiper. 138cm 1 & res, Joshua’s Quest; 2, C Davies’s Ruby Reflection; 3, J Furness’s Bonny Doon Lady. 153cm 1 & ch, A Dickin’s Atlantic Serenity; 2, C Aston’s Beau Baron. novice int 1, K Lyons’s Noble Bono; 2, D Bracegirdle’s Royal Alice; 3, D Fitchett’s Madam Splendour.novice horse 1, L Greenhalgh’s Unique Promise; 2, S Brennan’s Lucky Girl; 3, S Sproat’s Benjamin Disreali. open 1, EJ; 2, M Cliffe’s Felton Acis; 3, K Lyons’s Sundown. hacks (Mr D Bartram & Miss R Hargreaves) novice 1, R Helliwell’s Holtess Moschino; 2, E Harrison’s Chesapeake Ruling Passion; 3, A White’s Yealand Armaril. small 1, D Hargreaves’ Strawberry Fayre; 2, Yealand Armaril; 3, H Mather’s The Paradelles Silhouette. lge 1 & ch, K Hewetson’s Morning Music; 2 & res, P Harper’s Strinesdale Elegance; 3, P Atkinson’s Diamonds Are Forever. riding horse novice 1, V Edwards’ Royal Velverino; 2, S Handley’s Moreton Sophia; 3, S Dennison’s Bombay Dreams. small 1 & res, R Miller’s Amaretto; 2, R Knipe’s Silver Wedding; 3, Miss Rowbotham’s Twice As Nice. cob novice 1, E Grime’s Chicago; 2, J Mills’s Seamus; 3, S Pritchard’s Jaffa. lge 1 & ch, C Blaskey’s I’m Blue Chip Too; 2, J Dennison’s Cavana; 3, J Walker’s The Thatcher. l’wt 1, Y Renwick’s Tom Firr; 2, B Atkinson’s Landower Charles; 3, M Hitchen’s Henry. h’wt 1 & ch, T Biggs’ Boy George; 2, H Erner’s Macateer; 3, J Edwards’s Mister Smith. working 1, J Callwood’s Easter Candice; 2, E Cheffing’s High Moon; 3, C Booth’s Flash Jack. best turned-out (Mrs P Ollerton) 1, W Clarke’s Courtway Patience; 2, K Milroy’s Strinesdale Prima Donna; 3, S Berry’s Grenadier. fancy dress 1, Mrs Mitchell’s Claude Greengrass; 2, L Bryne’s BlueMoon. side-saddle (Mrs J Livesey-Carter) concours d’elegance 1, Ladys Castle Moyle; 2, J McHugh’s White Diamond. jnr 1, A Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman. adult 1, S Oultram’s Wish; 2, Ladys Castle Moyle; 3, White Diamond. riding club 1 & ch, Wish; 2 & res, Wattlemead Norman; 3, C Swarbrick’s Gentleman Jim. Western (Mrs S Dermody) novice 1, C Broome’s Merlin; 2, J McGill’s Jabask Comet. open 1, J Keeley’s Constant Quicksilver; 2, T Keeley’s Constant Tom Tom. novice 1, C Broome’s Merlin; 2, V Edwards’s Jessica; 3, J McGill’s Jabask Comet. novice trail 1, Merlin; 2, Jabask Comet. open Western 1, Constant Tom Tom. Appaloosa stallion 1, Mr & Mrs Chamberlain’s Mannog Moon River. over 4yr 1, Constant Tom Tom; 2, J Sillitoe’s Snowspot; 3, Constant Quicksilver. open pleasure 1, Constant Tom Tom; 2, A Hinchcliffe’s Moorhey Maverick; 3, Constant Quicksilver. part-bred 1, J Sillitoe’s Springtime; 2, D Bell’sHaverlands Rainmaker. mare 1 & ch, J Dickinson’s Tara Shaklana; 2, B Cooper’s Jola; 3, D Leveuf’s Vitara. Arabs in-hand (Mr I Woodward) y’ling 1, S Roberts’s Mirage Shakhiran. y’stk 1, S Brown’s Sulan Snow Queen. over 4yr 1,S Brown’s Electron. 1/2-y-o 1, K Hollingworth’s C’Est La Vie; 2, D Tandy’s Daras Kizzy. Anglo & part-bred over 3yr 1 & res, K Chilton’s Palmfields Star Traveller; 2, F Cayzer’s Hightime American Jazz; 3, Daras Kizzy. ridden (Mrs ALeaver) pure-bred 1, K Hutchinson’s Crystal Charmaine; 2, Tara Shaklana; 3, S Taylor-Green’s Moon Magician. part-bred 1 & ch, Strinesdale Elegance; 2 & res, K Mitten’s Hurstead Quince; 3, C Heywood’s Hollinhurst Carribean. coloured in-hand (Mrs J Livesey-Carter) y’stk 1, L McAlice’s Rozwell’s Quest; 2, B King’s Tiny Tom Of Maccards; 3, C Reynolds’ Demico Gypsy Roamer. pony 1, P Heyes’s Mossborough Rosie; 2, Wattlemead Norman; 3, J Tang’s JJ’s Pride. horse 1 & ch, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Bay; 2, J Hill’s El Choechese; 3, A Hall’s El Nino. ridden pony 1 & res, Wattlemead Norman; 2, Mossborough Rosie; 3, JJ’s Pride. horse 1, El Nino; 2, S Pritchard’s Pandora’s Box; 3, J Smith’s Lostock Just William. equitation (Miss C Clark) pony 1, L George’s Oakewood Mayfair; 2, G Davies’s Chevenswurde Monty; 3, G Scott’s Baldrick. 13-16yr 1, M McDonnell’s Pride; 2, H Anderson’s Black Magic; 3, E Dennett’s Caruios Diamond. novice 1 & res, D Paton’s King Arthur; 2, K Zygadilo’s Belle Noir; 3, S Woodward’s Napoleon Brandy. open 1 & ch, Pride; 2, B Gibson’s Limonata; 3, K Hollingworth’s Mr Marmalade. Welsh sec A (Mr B Willliams) mare 1, L Berry’s Galwyn Bombadier; 2, C Keeley’s Jaiden Rhapsody; 3, C Povery’s Lacy Merrylegs. foal 1, D Jones’s Islyn Buddug. y’ling 1, H Hughes’s Llwyd Baledwr; 2, D Jones’s Islyn Ania; 3, C Keeley’s Senny Sian. 2/3-y-o 1, J Lowe’s Fouroaks Carmen; 2, D Jones’s Islyn Gwawr; 3, W Lewis’s Rhdyfeling Suran. stallions 1 & ch, H Hughes’s Llwyfd Llawn Daioni; 2 & res, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Cameron; 3, Cheshmere Stud’s Heniarth Coron. sec B mare 1, C Furby’s Hafod Yresgob Lomu; 2, J Bolton’s Twinkle; 3, R Andrew’s Nannau Easter Special. y’ling 1, A Weaver’s Morwyn Lady Verity; 2, S Cannon’s Bunbury Symon; 3, S Dickinson’s Hanmere Dragon Fly. 2/3-y-o 1 & sup, J Johnson’s Stoak Tabitha; 2, A Weaver’s Morwyn Bronze Salliann; 3, C Dykes’ Craiganog Haf Arian. stallions 1 & res, Dryfe Stud’s Knockala Silver Sprite; 2, S & K Moss’s Telynall Crown Derby. sec C (Mr K Hopkins) mare 1 & ch, C Ingram’s Newbrook Jenny Lynch; 2, D Heyes’s Torview Boneddiges Du; 3, Cheshmere Stud’s Ashgrove Rosinda. foal 1, D Heyes’s Gwyllan Rooney; 2, E Ashcroft’s Bryncarreg Scarlet O’Hara; 3, C Ingram’s Newbrook Gold Finch. y’stk 1 & res, C & J Costello’s Popstars Raquel; 2, L Gaven’s Ceafn Merlin Gerwyn. 2/3-y-o 1, S Whitwam’s Fairhill Blossom; 2, T Clarke’s Bluehaven Symphonie; 3, L Gaven’s Cefn Merlin Kate. stallions 1, Cheshmere Stud’s Rhosymeirch Cardi. sec D mare 1, A Bibby’s Finneyhill Brenhines; 2, G Thomas’s Lynstead Topaz; 3, C Crabtree’s Hamlin April Dancer. y’ling 1, S Mason’s Brynfa Lucky Llinos; 2, D Jones’s Aberhosan Bounty; 3, J White’s Pentrecoed Discovery. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, P Hetherington’s Tireve Dream Lady; 2, H Gold’s Llanfyllin Matilda; 3, C Povey’s Glyder Siencyn Daniel. stallions 1 & ch, S Mason’s Stepol Superstition; 2, D Jones’s Pantstreimon Ogwin. Shetland ( Mrs D Tindale) mare 1 & ch, F & J Woods’ Lathom Josie; 2, K Wrigley’s Browtops Sweet Rosie; 3, J Williams’s Serendipity Of Quimper. foal 1, A Eames’s Sandfold Razzle Dazzle. y’ling 1, S Lyon’s Crank Cappucino; 2, Lyon & Deardon’s Crank Magpie; 3, L Wild’s Wildways Golden Girl. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Lyon & Deardon’s Top Rock BA; 2, R William’s Earlswood Joy; 3, F & J Woods’ Lathom Jodie. stallions 1, J Turner’s Headdyke Perception; 2, R Williams’s Southfield Gate Valant; 3, A Smith’s Snelsmore Calipso. miniature 1, A Smith’s Snelsmore Calipso; 2, F & J Woods’ Lathom Tiny Ginger; 3, J Hancock’s Rockfire Casanova. mixed M&M in-hand y’stk 1 & res, A Taylor’s Tower Minoch; 2, C Woodhouse’s Lambrigg Jet; 3, H Parker’s Llancloudy Moonstone. over 4yr 1 & ch, M Wolsley’s Kincardine Atholl Bhuidme; 2, Mr & Mrs Moss’s Lunesdale Songbird; 3, V Harrison’s Bishop Dale Tinker. ridden M&M LR 1, C Francis’s Galwyn Legionaire; 2, J Taylor’s Firtreelot Miss Scarlet; 3, Lady Baxter’s Thorncliffe Vanity. novice 1, R Andrew’s Nannau Easter Special; 2, M Bowley’s Penstran Cacon Lan; 3, F Borltrop’s Little Stones Button Moor. small 1, R Andrew’s Nannau Easter Special; 2, Little Stones Button Moon; 3, G Davies’s Chevenwurde Monty. large 1, A Bibby’s Finnyhill Brenhines; 2, Penstran Cacon Lan; 3, S Broadhurst’s Oughtrington Jack Flashing. SP (Mrs S White) novice 1, G Morton’s Bexton Flirtation; 2, Fenwood Temptation; 3, E Tarr’s Zion Crimson Lady. LR 1 & ch, S Dent’s Nantcol Sylphide; 2 & res, L Curbishley’s Seasons Honour; 3, Mrs Williams’s Rhoson Dega. FR 1, Nanty Bai Candy Tuft; 2, S Whiteway’s Hillin Betsan; 3, H Secker’s Clanwyn Royal Touch. 128cm 1 & ch, T McKay’s Crimson Third Edition; 2, A West’s Caithness Roaming Astra; 3, S Whiteway’s Hillin Betsan. 138cm 1, T McKay’s Crimson Night Light; 2, W Perry’s Sudden Thumbprint; 3, J Belton’s Haw Park Royal Mint. 148cm 1 & res, J Routlidge’s Jackets Maybe; 2, V Leech’s Accolade; 3, A Grierson’s Bengairn Splendour. int 1, L Reynolds’ Etherow Mardis Gras; 2, H Mather’s The Paradelles Silhouette; 3, E Greenwood’s Crookland Star. int SRT 1, Miss Rowbotham’s Twice As Nice; 2, L Harvey’s Trefehon Grande Otielles. part-bred Welsh 1, T Doorey’s Pen-y-Binc Gold; 2, H Anderson’s Black Magic; 3, H Secker’s Clanwyn Royal Touch. private driving 1, P Blackburn’s Balkly Harvest Moon; 2, S Ogden’s Cathael Gwendolin; 3, D Charlesworth’s Maple Millie. pleasure 1, J Bourne-Withey’s Danny; 2 & 3, P Stubbs’ Apache & Crimmond Flash. jnr 1, Crimmond Flash. novice 1, Danny; 2, Apache; 3, Crimmond Flash. hunt relay 1, Cheshire Farmers Drag; 2, High Peak Harriers; 3, Cheshire.