Upminster, 13 May

  • UPMINSTER Orsett Showground, Essex, 13 May

    BSHA riding horse (T Chalmers) nov 1, C Bardo’s The Gigalo; 2, K Botting’s Michelles Saucy Sailor; 3, S Cochrane’s Bandidos. sml 1 & ch, Massey Group PLC’s Intuition’s; 2, S Brenman’s Wolvers Storyteller; 3, S Brenman’s Emberton Chiefton. lge 1 & res, G Oliver’s Beaurepaire Alys; 2, M Marsh’s Excecutive Decision; 3, E Curtis’s Double Chance. cob (J Conifey) nov 1, C Bardo’s The Cobbler; 2, A Williams’s Hortons Pink Panther; 3, S Darby’s Brown Thomas III. lwt 1 & ch, C Bardo’s Incobnito; 2, A Bartolomy’s Benetton; 3, J Miller’s Kallarney. hwt 1 & res, A Bartolomy’s Shadow Play; 2, S Noble’s Jimminey Cricket; 3, S Darby’s Brown Thomas III. ridden Arabs (J Woodward) pure-bred 1, A Miller’s Mahradi; 2, L Kerly’s Desert Drifter; 3, J Marshall’s Bluebells Kharenya. nov pure/Anglo/part-bred 1 & res, N Burroughs’s Saxen Julius Royale; 2, S Rose’s LVA Estpas Winter Storm; 3, A Hudson’s Brox Paris Prelude. Cherif 153cm 1 & ch, A Miller’s Dangerous Liason; 2, J Cavenagh’s Moulin Rouge. exc 153cm 1, N Burrough’s Saxen Julius Royale; 2, P Night’s The Man About Town. P(UK) (W Toomer-Harlow) Glyn Greenwood M&M lge 1, T Dale’s Charford Zaffron; 2, M Batchelor’s Ddraiggogh Darius; 3, A Butt’s Chugs Lightning Bobby. sml 1, J Johanson-Massey’s Moelview Flintstone; 2, R Watkinson’s Glencarns My Pretty Maid; 3, D Bartlett’s Monnow Velcro. Kingsford ridden M&M lge 1, C Harris’s Stockclough Bartholomew; 2, N Cruttenden’s Cefnoch Deryn Du; 3, K Collins’s Dycott Triple Crown. Brineton FR 1, L Eaton’s Gramblin Caliban; 2, D Brooks’s Creeting CAvalier; 3, L Hunter’s Glenlichd Field mouse. Domino part-bred pony 1, J Pig’s Stanmbrook Carnival; 2, Mrs Morton’s Silverfield Squirrel Nutkin; 3, P Douglas’s Ophelia. Blue Chip (T Chalmers) pony 1, J Pigg’s Stambrook Carnival; 2, A Heath’s Mays Suprise; 3, D Veaney-Hiner’s Penclose Rhythm. horse 1, J Murphy’s Hatsden Nirvana; 2, F Stockdale’s First Light; 3, K Botting’s Michelles Saucy Sailor. hunter (J Parrot) novice 1 & res, L Bunker’s Ollie; 2, A Last’s Talk Of The Town II; 3, A Lowe & C Humberston’s Warmington Jonjo. open 1 & ch, S Hill’s Castlerock; 2, Talk Of The Town II; 3, A Cross’s Midnight Dreamer. riding horse (J Parrot) sml 1, A Hudson’s Brox Paris Prelude; 2, J Cavenagh’s Moulin Rouge; 3, K March’s Bailey. lge 1 & res, N Proctor & D Atherton’s Chlodagh; 2 & ch, S Taylor’s Hidden Chance; 3, L Bunker’s Ollie. open 1, N Proctor & D Atherton’s Chlodagh. in-hand (B Rayment) paint/spots etc 1, J Murphy’s Haysden Nirvana; 2, J Cooper’s Orlandos Golden Girl; 3, C Defor’s Cosse An Tutti. ridden do 1, P Griffiths’s Malmarche; 2, Cosse an Tutti; 3, D Day’s Danny’s Boy. veteran 1, C Tuff’s Parkwood High Flyer; 2, P Ryder’s Costead Manor Shirley; 3, unlisted. do ridden 1, C Tuff’s Parkwood High Flyer; 2, L Hunter’s Connie. ridden cob type 1, D Hawkins’s J’s Perfection; 2, K Fitzgibbons’s Perle; 3, K Marsh’s Bailey. TB (M Hutley) in-hand 1, J Thorpe’s Spitefool; 2, K Hayward’s Ibal; 3, L Morrison’s Chapagne Perry. ridden 1, E Curtis’s Double Chance; 2, K Botting’s Michelles Saucy Sailor; 3, V Hyslop’s Finn McCoul. RC horse 1, A Hill’s Broxlea Papa Smurf; 2, Lady Kelvedon’s Spike; 3, S Key’s This Is My Chance. pair 1, C Tuff’s Parkwood High Flyer & S Jacklin’s Berwicks Spot On; 2, K Vincent’s Burlington Bertie & L Wartnaby’s Molly. scars & Blemishes 1, P Griffiths’s Malmnue. pony (J O’Brien) LR 1, L Eaton’s Gramblin Caliban; 2, O Chittenden’s Croniath Fushia; 3, S Brewster’s Glebdale Rhapsody.

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