University website launches online foaling

  • A university breeding project is promoting its website where visitors can monitor a mare through the last stages of pregnancy and watch her give birth.

    The project at De Montford University inGrantham, Lincolnshire, is run with the assistance of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society.

    It aims to promote the conservation and welfare of the Cleveland Bay Horse, which is an “at-risk” species and to give equine students practical experience in equine breeding and stud management.

    The horses also give students – both animal and equine – the opportunity to learn about conservation strategies.

    The project has one stallion and four mares on loan.

    One gave birth at the end of April to produce the project’s first home-bred foal.

    The next is due at the end of August and the mare is due to go into the foaling box at the beginning of that month when visitors to the site will be able to watch her on the webcam.

    Senior lecturer in equine studies, Dr Mark Curry said: “So far, we are getting mostly Cleveland Bay enthusiasts – but we hope others will start taking an interest and follow the progress of the mares.

    Many of the visitors to the site are from USA, where there is a growing interest in the Cleveland Bay breed for English and Western riding.

    “We will use some of the foals ourselves for breeding, but others will be sold on – many to the USA and Australia. ”

    For more information visit www.lincoln.ac.uk/lsa/cleveland/index.htm

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