Twin foals surprise owner

  • Lucy began showing signs that she was about to foal at 10pm on Friday 28 June. Judy who had been sitting up with her mother and Lucy’s owner said: “I pulled the foal towards mum and thought ‘hang on this is a bit small’.”

    Lucy accepted the first foal but made no effort to stand.

    “I could see another bag emerging and was shocked to feel a pair of legs. She delivered the second foal and it was lucky we were there as we had to break the sack open.”

    They were given some colostrum immediately after the birth and have since gone from strength to strength.

    The twin bay colts, who have been named “Starsky” and “Hutch”, are mirror images of each other.

    According to leading equine fertility expert Professor Twink Allen, live twins are not that rare.

    Identical twin foals are not as rare as people think, although one of the foals often dies before birth,” he said. “The bigger the mare the higher the chance of her carrying twins full term.

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