Treat your horse to magnotherapy

  • Magnotherapy rugs have long proved effective for treating sore backs, general stiffness, inflammation and soft tissue injuries, and are frequently recommended by equine physiotherapists and chiropractors.

    Enhance Equine’s Magnetic Therapy rugs aremanufactured using a cotton honeycomb material, which is designed to wick away excess moisture and is therefore ideal for use as a cooler, travel or stable rug.

    The rugs, which are available in two versions – “general maintenance” and “professional” – incorporate soft, lightweight magnetic pads which are positioned over muscle masses and acupressure points to help stimulate blood circulation and encourage the formation of new cells around the body.

    In general use it can also be used to help relax your horse prior and during travel, as well as pre and post exercise and competition.

    With removable magnetic pads, the rug is machine washable and is available in light blue or navy in small, medium large and extra large (to order).

    Cost at around £129.95 (general maintenance), £179.95 (professional)

    Contact Head to Hoof (tel: 01630 658525)

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