Toys for the boys

  • Stable toys are ideal for box bound horses and now Westgate have designed a new one to join the popular Boredom Breaker, Snack A Ball, Snack It’s and Likit blocks.

    The Tongue Twister promises to keep horses and ponies occupied during long hoursspent in the stable.

    Just attach the Tongue Twister to the wall, put two of the new, flavoured,Little Likits into the spaces provided and let your horse do the rest.

    TheTongue Twister ball swivels as the horse licks it, ensuring he is keptinterested in seeking out a tasty treat.

    Tongue Twister costs at around £19.95. Little Likitsabout £1.20 each

    Contact Westgate (tel: 01303 872277)

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