THE HAND EC Clevedon, Somerset, 10-11 December

Sue Carson Saddles/Alruba Rubber British Novice 1, Indecisive (G Verrell); 2, Flaxlands Bonnie Lass (A Whiteway); 3, Ullirach (S Price). Equissage Discovery 1, Clearwater Sunbee (C Watts); 2, Broadstreet Dream (M Edwards); 3, Wendewise (J Hobbs). 1.05m 1, Cooking With Floyd (C Watts); 2, Kuros Du Pachis (P Griffiths); 3, Partly Pickled (L Skelton). newcomers 1, Westerwind E (C Presley); 2, McGuiness (T Yate);3, Clearwater Sunbee . 1.10m 1, Magic Light (M Edwards); 2, Ever So Lucky (J Kirk); 3, Oneida Imp (B Moore). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Didi’s Ragtime (K Pike); 2, Zwaluw Z (J Kirk); 3, Uno (N Gauntlett). 1.25m 1, Elmside Orlando (S Heaven); 2, Myrddin (M Edwards); 3, Cockleford Mystery (B Gardner). 1.30m 1 & 2, Montreux & Perpetual Motion (M Edwards); 3, Elmside Orlando (S Heaven). 11 Dec: Sue Carson Saddles/Alruba Rubber British Novice1, Wahiba’s Son (J Kirk); 2, Midnight Murphy (S Streether); 3, Real Time Romeo (C Bacon). Equissage Discovery 1, Tis Himself (K McGee); 2, Elegant Grey (I Djivanovic); 3, Proper Prince Of Diamonds (T Kuszek). 1.05m 1, Kouros Du Pachis; 2, Gold Blend (B Smith); 3, Little Red Dazzler (A Bundock). newcomers/1.10m 1, Kouros Du Pachis; 2 & 3, Zwaluw Z & Misty Hazel (J Kirk). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Ever So Lucky; 2, Gina (B Ford); 3, Jimbo Van Het Provahof (J Francis). 1.25m 1, Amoray (B Ford); 2, Miss Saigon (J Kirk); 3, Uno. 1.30m 1, Dorina (L Bevan); 2, Go With The Flow (B Hooker).