The Cabin EC showjumping results, 5-7 October 2012

  • 5 Oct: KBIS British novice.-1, Everlong (L Ross); 2, Conzaire (H Carter); 3, Zacarno (G Mitchell). 95cm.-1, Ukulele (G McIntosh); 2, Ouzzo (F Ferguson); 3, Zacarno. Tri-Zone discovery.-1, BF Adelaide (H Ross); 2, Captains Delight (M Williams); 3, Dileas IV (S Lumgair). Equestrian Clearance newcomers.-1, Victors Quest (M Williams); 2, Uzella (J Kent); 3, Palmalano (S Coull). 1.15m.-1, Jack Up (S Lumgair); 2, Palmalski (S Coull). 6 Oct: KBIS British novice.-1, Zacarno; 2, Cupido IV (A Jack); 3, Uno Duo (S Murray). 95cm.-1, Done Deal II (F Quennell); 2, Wilco II (G Mitchell); 3, Ben Boley (L Lorimer). Tri-Zone discovery.-1, Bonaparte II (L Lorimer); 2, Ben Boley; 3, Cornet Obolensky Junior (V Wright). Equestrian Clearance newcomers.-1, Victors Quest; 2, Peniki (C Andrews); 3, Bishoptons Azzaro Van’t Hulsbos (Y Geddie). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m.-1, Cameron Poe (A Bell); 2, Bishoptons Ranee II (Y Geddie); 3, Veldheer II (L Hutt). 1.25m.-1, Cameron Poe; 2, Mr Pink (F Good); 3, Speer (L Lorimer). 7 Oct: KBIS British novice.-1, Zacarno; 2, Miss Luciana (C Hollingdale); 3, Balhagarty Millions Of Diamonds (I Campbell). 95cm.-1, Edenside Casper Z (P Ross); 2, Tara VIII (H Miller); 3, Caregan (I Campbell). Tri-Zone discovery.-1, Apparission (L Lorimer); 2, Minnie Adventure II (K Donald); 3, BF Adelaide (H Ross). Equestrian Clearance newcomers.-1, Bishoptons Azarro Van’t Hulsbos (Y Geddie); 2, Aslan H (L Buchan); 3, Palamalano. Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m.-1, Utah Babe (H Ross); 2, Bishoptons Ranee II. 1.25m.-1, Zidane X (L Hutt); 2, Cameron Poe; 3, Veldheer II.

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