Tempting feed without fizz

  • Looking for a feed that will help your horse keep condition without the risk of fizz?

    Baileys Horse Feeds new Top Line Conditioning Mix has been developed for those horse owners who need a non-heating feed to put weight and condition on their horses and ponies and who prefer to feed a coarse mix.

    Top Line Conditioning Mix is a digestible blend of micronised grains, oils and fibre and is fully balanced so can be fed as the only concentrate source.

    The recipe includes alfalfa and soya to provide quality protein for muscle development and function, while optimum levels of vitamins and chelated mineral are included for a healthy coat, hooves and immune system. A yeast culture is also included, which will help to maintaincondition for poor-doers.

    “Horses have been found to be particularly good digesters of oil, which is an ideal energy source for increased stamina,” says Liz Bulbrook, senior nutritionist at Baileys.

    “Its inclusion in Top Line ConditioningMix means that the calorie content of the ration can be increased without significant increases in the volume, at the same time avoiding the feeding of excessive levels of starch. So it’s perfect for horses with limited appetites or those requiringhigh levels of energy for competition, without the heating effects of oat-based performance mixes.”

    Baileys No.17 Top Line Conditioning Mix is available from the end of February in 20kg bags.

    For more information please contact Baileys Horse Feeds (tel: 01371 850247) or visit www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

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