Stranded sea dog saved

  • Pet abandoned on sinking tanker in the Pacific Ocean has been rescued

    Forgea, a two-year old white terrier, has been saved after spending 24 days on a sinking fuel tanker off the coast of Hawaii.

    A fire on the tanker last month in which one crewman died, left the vessel without communication. With an estimated 60,000 gallons of diesel on board, it was feared that the tanker would cause an environmental disaster if it broke up on the nearby reefs.

    The plight of the small white dog captured the heart of animal lovers worldwide after she was spotted by the crew of a US coastguard plane who dropped their lunchtime snacks onto the ship to help keep the dog alive.

    Two rescue attempts, costing an estimated £30,000, failed but yesterday Forgea was finally saved by the crew of a tugboat sent to tow the tanker to safety, who managed to get the dog into a portable kennel.

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