South View EC show jumping results, 28-30 December

  • 80cm.— 1, Lucky Lass (K Colclough); 2, Pink Champers (L Betteridge); 3, Time To Spice It Up (H Grandfield). Blue Chip winter novice.— 1, Lucky Lass; 2, Ed’s Liberty (K Vernon); 3, Prime Time Primrose (A Whitehead). 1m.— 1, Cuddly Colin (D Brown); 2, Hot Prospect III (A Brown); 3, Trenley Bramble (J Pickford). winter 128cm.— 1 & 2, Miss Coco & Sebastin Delcano (E Stephen). Blue Chip sapphire.— 1, Touchwood (J Merrick); 2, Raisa Cestani (C Wilson); 3, Green Gem Corky (H Grandfield). Squibb Demolition jnr Foxhunter/1.10m.— 1, Erraroey (A Brown); 2, Trieve Midnight Express (J Cain); 3, Orlando Silver (B Austin). top score.— 1, Trieve Midnight Express; 2, Orlando Silver; 3, Emerald Reward (L Akers). Dec 29: 80cm.— 1, Taffs Well (S Owen); 2, Miss Coco; 3, Rhydymeirch Forever In Blue Jeans (B Bould). Blue Chip discovery.— 1, Brooklands By Chance (A Brown); 2, Bramble Star (R Thomas); 3, Rockingstone Maise Mouse (S East). winter 128cm.— 1, Stainsby Starburst (T Ward); 2, Pringle (D Walton); 3, Brookhall Glimpse (O Poole). Blue Chip Feed Balancer jnr newcomers.— 1, Touchwood; 2 & 3, Three Wells Breeze & Catherston Nutsafe (S Ecroyd). 1m.— 1 & 3, Misty Hazel & Cappagh Chino (R Gunn); 2, Knockmartin Gold (Y Davis). Blue Chip coral.— 1, Killgilly’s Miracle (C Harkin); 2, Dovecote Destiny (S Gunn); 3, BH Iroko (G Bell). take your own line.— 1, More Than Milton (D Ward); 2, Hot Prospect III; 3, Nookie Bear (A East). Dec 30: 80cm.— 1, Pink Champers; 2, Green Gem Corky; 3, Sebastin Delcano. winter 128cm.— 1, Brookhall Glimpse (O Poole); 2, Princess Sophie (D Brown); 3, Just Talk Atlanta (K House) discovery.— 1, Brooklands By Chance; 2, Simply Flo (L Betteridge); 3, Time To Shine IV (B Austin). 90cm.— 1, Galaxy Golden Boy (N Mitchell); 2, Fair Enough II (K Williams); 3, Daltons Lad (L Betteridge). Blue Chip Feed Balancer jnr newcomers.— 1, Beechfield Bear (C Harkin); 2, Mr Snoopy III (A Black); 3, Vrynwy Bob the Builder (J Tamman). 1m.— 1, Cinderella Girl (B Vernon); 2, Cuddly Colin; 3, Forever Crystal (J Cain.). Blue Chip Pro sparkle JC/JA.— 1, Hot Prospect; 2, The Irish White Tornado (G Bell); 3, Knockmartin Gold. accumulator.— 1, Orlando Silver; 2, The Irish White Tornado; 3, Trieve Midnight Express.

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