South View EC affiliated show jumping results, 15-16 March

SOUTH VIEW Cheshire 15-16 March
90cm small pony open.— 1, Double Dash Dot (D Miller); 2, Dinky Dynamite (N Mitchell); 3, Mathews Girl (M Allen). 128/138cm.— 1, Ashes Cool Dude (C Thompson); 2, Spirit of Bodecia (L Ball); 3, Disneys Colour Code (Y Tanfield). 90cm.— 1 & 2, Double Dash Dot & Spot of Magic (D Miller); 3, Red Lightning (F Adams). POYS 11yrs & under.— 1eq, 10 tied. Smith’s of Whiteinch 128/138cm. — 1eq, 41 tied. winter 128cm.— 1, Red Hot Patootie (B Robinson); 2, Silver Wonder; 3, Marthas Darling (B Adams). winter 138cm.— 1, More Than Milton (I Wells); 2, Try To Hit Me (G Gillespie); 3, Solcom Donatella (G Griffin). POYS rest 128/138cm.— 1, Iouar Giorgio (L Robinson); 2, Golden Fortune (G Babes); 3, Atlantic Jewel (L Edwards). Smith’s of Whiteinch 128/138cm.— 1eq, 19 tied. winter 128cm. — 1 & 2, Flinor Songbird & Mathews Girl (M Allen); 3, Proud Flyer (K Gill). winter 138cm.— 1, Try To Hit Me; 2, Wakleys Foxhunter (Y Tanfield); 3, My Best Buddy (G Gillespie). POYS 11yrs & under.— 1, 10 shared. POYS sml pony rest h’cap.— 1, Midnight Mission (J Crosby); 2, Whisper (J Cain); 3, Miss Marmalade (N Dean).

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