Shutterfly: what the pros say

  • Professionals wish they owned him, fans around the world adore him, so what is it that makes the enigmatic Shutterfly so special? H&H asks the pros what they think.

    Laura Renwick, show jumper

    “He is the ultimate horse with such an incredible attitude — he’s almost like a machine. He has such a clever brain and in-built satnav — he works out the course almost before Meredith. But most importantly, he’s got the desire to win.”

    Graham Fletcher, show jumping producer

    “I don’t think anyone should underestimate the ability Meredith has shown in producing Shutterfly — he is a whole project of horsemanship. Everyone looks at the finished result and thinks ‘I could ride that’, but I think it took a woman to get the best results from him, someone who has done everything right for him.”

    Jens Uwe Dreesmann, Shutterfly’s breeder

    “He was a self-confident and lively foal. When his mother used to lie down in the paddocks, he would spring around and jump over her — he was always very alert and clever. Each year he becomes better and better. The mix of talent and temperament makes him so brilliant.”

    Sandy Phillips, dressage rider

    “Shutterfly is just unbelievable and I’m trying to get a sport horse like him. I have used his full-brother, Sir Shutterfly, on a very nice mare I bought to event and she has an embryo transfer foal due now.”

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