Showing results March 2001

  • CROCKSTEAD EC,Halland, Surrey, 24 March

    NPS Mixed M & M In-Hand (Mrs G Sabin), sml. 1, Ch & NPS Silver Medal, Mrs R Thackers Farchynys Penri; 2, Mrs Harts Rookery Jamie; 3, M Burchell-Smalls Trisant Bianca. do lrg 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Bakers Arborfield Mattie.NPS M & M Ridden :Open sml. 1 & Ch, D Brights Cmwbachstel Dion; 2 & res, S Board-Joness Thamesbourne Bethwyn; 3, Farchynys Penri. Open lge. 1, D Bakers Starcrest Discovery; 2, D Brights Taiforgan Bonheddwr; 3, R Hunts Penn Caris. jnr sml. 1, Cwmbachstel Dion; 2, Thamesbourne Bethwyn; 3, Mrs Tompsetts Shilstone Rocks Nicodemus. jnr lge. 1, Taiforgan Bonheddwr; 2, Penn Caris; 3, Starcrest Discovery. PUK Pollyanna, M & M Ridden 1, Farchynys Penri; 2, Shilstone Rocks Nicodemus; 3, Arborfield Mattie. M & M LR 1, M Rowsons Gydros Sophie; 2, Shilstone Rocks Nicodemus; 3, Mrs McBains Brierdene Golden Nugget. LR 1, M Rowsons Barkway Miss Tittlemouse; 2, T Strapps Twyford Janelle; 3, Brierdene Golden Nugget. RP. 1, G Hollands Lydgate Giovanni; 2, Mrs Skinner Kewlake Fable; 3, B Simcoxs Balfour Red Squirrel. RH. 1, A Batemans Champagne Charlie; 2, A Alisons Comberton Little Owl. Hunter Horse/Pony. 1, K Miles Highland Dance; 2, Balfour Red Squirrell.


    Best owner-ridden, best WHP, and best novice. 1, L Booths Farriers Firecracker; 2 best jnr, most versatile, & 2nd novice J Naughtons Farriers Full Cry; 3, Mr & Mrs Larges Willoway Shogun (J Guilding); 4, K Martins Trenley Pacific Adventure; 5, &best Forest-bred C Wilkins Tiptoe Bracken ll; 6, S Andre Parsons Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 7, J Attwools Williford Sand Dollar; 8, Mr & Mrs S Youngs Farriers Field Of Dreams. best driven.G Brownriggs Gosden Sparkle. best dressage. Mrs P Jamess Willoway Piccadilly. best jumping. L Murrays Sprattsdown Noble.

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