Show rug chic

  • John Whitaker International’s smart velvet show rug also doubles as a cooler

    Ideal for winter competitions which usually means taking several rugs to keep your horse warm while standing around and cooling down after exercise, is John Whitaker International’s new rug.

    The velvet show and cooler rug is made from a breathable fabric to help horse cool down gradually, while remaining snug. Machine washable, this quality rug is easy to look after and keep clean.

    Made from cotton and velvet, the rug features a single breast buckle, padded wither guard and fillet string attachments.

    Available in a wide range of sizes, in navy, green, black, burgundy, grey and pale blue.

    Cost at around £100.

    For more information contact John Whitaker International (tel: 01706 340500) or visit www.john-whitaker.co.uk

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