Shock absorbers for legs

  • New Equine Wear’s Padups is a new range of interchangeable boots which offer total protection

    Ideal for hacking and schooling, NEW’s Padups have been developed to be fitted to either front or hind legs and feature a shock absorbing strike pad which offers all round protection.

    Lined with light, orthopaedic “airoflow” foam, which the manufacturers claim “pumps air across the skin surface by the movement of the horse’s leg”, Padups are designed to be self ventilating but also waterproof and sturdy, even in the deepest, muddiest going.

    These low maintenance boots are also machine washable at 40C.

    Cost at around £22 (brushing boots per pair) and £17.50 (fetlock boots per pair)

    Contact NEW (tel: 01666 577788)

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