Sheepdog survives 100ft fall

  • A Border Collie in hot pursuit of a rabbit has survived a cliff fall in Dorset

    Bobbie, a two-year-old Border Collie survived falling over 100ft down a cliff after chasing rabbits onthe cliffs at Eype in Dorset.

    Owner Roger Britton and his wife, Pauline, were staying at a caravan park for the weekend along with their two dogs, Bobbie and Gem.

    Roger took them for a walk along the cliff tops and when he realised the steepness of the drop down to the sea, called the dogs back and made his way back to the caravan.

    Bobbie, who was off the lead, spotted a rabbit and gave chase. While the rabbit disappeared down a hole near the cliff’s edge, Bobbie ran over the cliff edge.

    Fearing the worst, Roger made his way to the bottom. Although he could see Bobbie moving, he was unable to reach the ledge onto which she had fallen.

    Roger returned to the caravan and called the emergency services, who sent the West Bay and Lyme Regis rescue teams to the scene.

    Rescuers abseiled down and eventually brought Bobbie back to the top where she was re-united with her owner.

    The rescue team were amazing,”he said. “When it first happened I thought she was dead, then when I saw her moving and I was worried she was injured, but she was able to walk straightaway.”

    ” I think falling onto a 10ft thick gorse bush saved her as it broke her fall,” said Roger. “I’ve learnt my lesson and the dogs stayed on the lead for the rest of the weekend!

    Mark Clark, a spokesman for the coastguard service, said: “Primarily we are a human life-saving service, but occasionally we are called in to help animals. We would much rather rescue animals than have an owner put their life at risk.”

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