Setting up a riding club

  • If you have been inspired by Horse & Hound’s special feature on work-based riding clubs (15 November, ’07), here is some advice to help you set up your own.

    • Contact any other existing sports and social clubs in the company for advice. Also try your HR department, if your firm has one
    • Start small with email correspondence to one or two people and watch it grow
    • Use the company communications system or intranet to publicise your intention to start the club
    • Contact local BHS riding club area representatives for advice on affiliation, insurance etc
    • Establish a network of riding centres willing to provide discount group sessions or loan horses
    • Form a committee
    • Don’t limit membership to just horse owners — provide alternative activities for all
    • Link up with other clubs for events, competitions and social gatherings
    • Be self-funding initially and then demonstrate the advantages when making a case for company funding, however small to start off with
    • Londoners: email Janet Coe janetmcoe@hotmail.com Regions: British Riding Clubs for area representatives: enquiry@bhs.org.uk

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