Seasonal horse licks

  • 1 May 2002

    Zintec Feed Supplements have launched two new feed licks designed to suit the needs of a horse in summer or winter

    With the changing seasons it can be hard to ensure that your horse isreceiving the correct levels of vitamins and minerals he needs.

    Zintec feeds have formulated two new feed licks designed to meet the needs of your horse as the season changes – EquiWinter and EquiSummer.

    EquiWinter has added protein to help your horse cope with winter weather, EquiSummer has 100% pure garlic added to deter flies and help maintain a respiratory tract.

    It provides a cost effective way of delivering your horse’s daily nutritional requirements in a concentrated source.

    The horse licks can be fed alongside a cereal diet in the stable or out in the field. Both types of lick contain Biosaf SC47 and high levels of yeast cultures to promote a healthy hindgut.

    The licks come in a 15kg plastic tub and are not affected by bad weather or sunlight. The apple flavour makes them highly palatable even for fussy feeders.

    Cost at around £22 – available by mailorder.

    For more information contact Zintec: (tel 01568 708008) or visit www.zintec.co.uk

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