Say goodbye to stable pests

  • The use of poisons to control pests is a constant concern for horse and pet owners, many of whom worry that their amimal may come into contact with toxins.

    Now, however, STV have developed a range of products designed to destroy flying insects quickly and hygienically, while at the same time pose no threat to your horses or pets.

    For outdoor control, the company has developed the Fly Trap Bait which is supplied with a potent fly bait and lasts for up to eight weeks.Cost around £5.

    The Electronic Flying Insect Killer costs at around £15.

    Other poison free products from STV include Wasp Traps, Citronella Bug Spray and Crawling Insect Trap.

    For more information contact STV International Limited on (tel: 0207 354 4363)

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