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  • Win high-visibility clothing to help you and your horse stay safe on the roads this summer

    As spring arrives and the days get longer and brighter, many riders will be packing away their reflective gear. But before you follow their example, consider the effects of bright sunshine on a car driver’s ability to see you and your horse.

    Road accidents aren’t limited to winter months, according to the BHS, which claims there are more than 3,000 horses involved in accidents every year.

    Many road accidents involving horses happen in bright sunlight when the motorist claims the sun was in their eyes,” says BHS spokesperson, Nichola Gregory. “Wearing high-viz gear can alert them to your presence when you are still way ahead.”

    Roads with overhanging trees are also potential danger zones for horse riders as dark horses can disappear beneath the shadows on sunny days.

    “When riding on the road it is vital you are seen,” Nichola continues. “High-viz clothes helps car drivers see you early, giving them extra time to slow down and avoid your horse.


    Horse & Hound Online and NFU insurance have joined forces to encourage riders to wear reflective clothing everytime they ride on the road, rather than just when the visibility is poor.

    NFU is giving away 200 items of high-visibility clothing. For your chance to win click here.

    As well as providing riders with high-visibility clothing to help improve their safety when riding on the road, NFU is encouraging all riders, including those who do not own their own horse, to ensure they have adequate insurance cover, should an incident occur.

    “Horse riding is an extremely pleasurable pastime but everyone who rides should be aware of the associated risks,” says Jo Sowley, equine underwriter for NFU Mutual. “Having suitable insurance gives all types of rider the peace of mind that they have appropriate cover in place.”

    Visit www.nfumutual.co.uk for a free online quotation or to take out a policy.

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