Saddle up for total comfort

  • Bates Australia introduces the CAIR range of saddles, which combines comfort for horse and rider

    With more emphasis being placed on the comfort of the horse, riders are looking for alternative ways to keep their horse happy.

    Manufacturers Bates Australia has launched a new range of traditional saddles called Caprilli, which incorporates the CAIR Panel System.

    This system cushions the saddle with air, evenly distributing the rider’s weight and helping to eliminate pressure points.

    The easy-change gullet system allows you to change the gullet size in your saddle, perfect if you have a horse whose weight fluctuates.

    Made from quality leather from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Bates Caprilli range is available in the following styles and colours. Dressage, all-purpose and close contact.

    Cost at around £749.

    Contact CAIR (tel: 01295 269900) or email: sales@weatherbeeta.com

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