Saddle clinic

  • The new dressage version of the Free ‘N’ Easy saddle will be demonstrated at Oaklands College Riding Centre in St Albans on 10 November.

    Its flat panel construction means the saddle is fully adjustable across the width and length of the horse’s back – as well as in the location of the stirrup bar – to ensure maximum freedom of action for the horse, and to encourage a natural, correct and balanced position for the rider.

    Spectators will see the saddles on horses working on the flat and over jumps.

    “Correct saddle fitting is crucial to the performance of the horse, so visitors should find the clinic interesting whatever their personal choice of saddle or discipline,” said dressage trainer Sylvia Loch from the Classical Riding Club who has used the saddle.

    Admission to the clinic, which starts at 7.30pm, is £5 per person.

    For further details and bookings contact: Kate Skirrow on 01727 737728 or 07768-834592.

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