Royal Windsor showing results, 12-16 May

  • Working hunter (D Daly, L Szutowicz) lwt.— 1 & res, L Cooke’s William Bonney; 2, M Glasgow’s Rosscarberry Royal Flush; 3, P Underwood’s Noble Bing. hwt.— 1 & ch, D Reid Scott’s Harley Foxtrot; 2, K Stanworth’s Market Mark; 3, J Jerram’s Mr Wrinkles. small hunter (L Szutowicz, A Collins.— 1, P Mortimer’s Lanson; 2, Beaverfast Ltd’s Lambwath Classic Moment; 3, V Ramm’s Templebready Fear Not. ladies.— 1, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s Azarax; 2, P Underwood’s Tommy; 3, N & P Moon’s time Lord. novice (D Walters, I Smeeth) lwt.— 1 & ch, J Day’s Ballard Bouncer; 2, C Bardo’s Knightsbridge Court; 3, L Killingbeck’s Ballyboe Integrity. hwt.— 1 & res, J Day’s Over The Rainbow; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Major Moylaw; 3, J Jerram’s Snow Patrol. 4-y-o (R Mills, C Hunnable).— 1, L Homer’s Temple Mill; 2, S Chapman’s Kings Golden Wonder; 3, C Bardo’s Carnaby Street. lwt.— 1 & res, P Underwood’s Loch Royal; 2, J Day’s Hitman; 3, C Bardo’s Kings Road. mwt.— 1 & ch, O Hood’s Jenny’s Prince; 2, R Slater’s Majestic; 3, S Fisher’s X Factor. hwt.— 1, B White’s Loughkeen Dancing Lord; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Book Of Kells; 3, C Bardo’s Silverstream. Riding horse (A Lance, A Arkell) novice.— 1, L Smith-Crallan’s Holltess D Day; 2, J McElhinney’s Rivage Des Negres; 3, C Bardo’s Berkeley Square. sml.— 1 & res, C Yates’ Jackson Fair And Square; 2, Bowood Diamond; 3, J Day’s Party Time. lge.— 1 & ch, C Bardo’s The Philanderer; 2, V Ramm’s Sirius; 3, Kings Gold. hack (B Ensten, N Swallow) sml.— 1 & ch, J Reed’s Kingsford Silver Spray; 2, K Dove’s Golden Gunner; 3, C Heseltine’s Daldorn Legacy. lge.— 1 & res, K Hounson’s Classic Top Totty; 2, P Mortimer’s Becconsall Pickpocket; 3, A Winborne’s Opium Casa Leone. novice.— 1, J Jerram’s Night Prayers; 2, R Loughlin’s Holdens Moviestar; 3, K Harris’ Comberton Craftsman. cob (D Ringer, S Fisher) working.— 1, J Sharp’s What A Corking Clover; 2, S O’Reilly’s Pink Punch; 3, R Hill’s Aldwick Bay. novice.— 1 & ch, C Bardo’s Fait Acobbli; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ I’m A Star; 3, Mr & Mrs G Phillips’ Wellington. lwt.— 1, C Bardo’s Darcey Bustle; 2, S Cuddy’s The Duke; 3, D Stennett’s Incobnito. hwt.— 1 & res, C Bardo’s The Keystone Cob; 2, E Bury’s Waterford; 3, L Saunters’ Lynx. maxi.— 1, Y Jobling Purser’s Tank Top; 2, K Chapman’s Dylan Thomas; 3, N Armstrong’s Miramax. side-saddle (L Whitehall).— 1, The Queen’s Stardust; 2, Baileys’ Deimos; 3, A Lance & Hickstead Feeds’ Merlin. CHAPS (C Hamilton, J Hart) in-hand, y’stk, plaited.— 1, B Walter’s Firle Golden Eagle; 2, W Cox’s Sir Domerboy; 3, L Taylor’s Designer Label. unplait.— 1 & ch, Purcell White & S McCartney’s Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; 2, T Kelly & A Walker’s Paintball Phileas Fogg; 3, Mr & Mrs Purcell White’s Dixi Chick. plait, 153cm.— 1 & res, Firle Golden Eagle; 2, S Wheeler’s Winchester D; 3, M Pook’s Perriland Politician. unplait.— 1, G Oakley’s Thornbank Charger; 2, Barfield Stud’s Puzzles Starstruck; 3, G Oakley’s Thornbank Lancer. unplaited 148cm.— 1, K McNeil’s Rock TJ; 2, M Edwards’ Cynorian Harlequin; 3, T Lang’s Tiger Tim. ridden (J van Praagh, J Hart, C Hamilton) unplaited, 153cm.— 1 & ch, K Pritchard’s Brynteg Llynwnau Daffodil; 2, Winchester D; 3, Aungiers’ Master Mickey Finn. plaited.— 1, K Ibbotson’s Heathersedge Eurovision; 2, J Powell’s Jigsaw Jack; 3, R Tann’s Paupers Gold. unplaited, 148cm.— 1 & res, Rock TJ; 2, J Thrupp’s He’s The One; 3, T Lang’s Tiger Tim. 153cm.— 1, S Mills’ Tom Cobley; 2, L Leeman’s Janus; 3, C Bardo & M Hughes’ The Humdinger. retrained racehorse (S Perham) challenge.— 1, C Hankinson’s Moratti; 2, A Philips’ Zippi Jazzman; 3, B Molter’s Capal Garmon. show horse.— 1, T Billington’s Blue Java; 2, R Clark’s Billy Wizz; 3, K Marfleet’s Kalaam. Haflinger in-hand.— 1, T Osak’s Oxnead Argon. ridden.— 1, C Hallett’s Ronda; 2, Z Robinson’s Marcherie Van De Edelweiss; 3, S Arnold’s Oxnead Ambrose. SP (D Blair) 128cm.— 1, T Barnet’s Daldorn Victoria Plum; 2, Jago & Carvosso’s Pennyroyal Little Pageboy; 3, D Reik’s Cortworth Jubilee Edition. 138cm.— 1 & ch, J Cambray’s Wyndham Aristocrat; 2 & res, T Barnet’s Pickmere Anser; 3, K Smith’s Wescoe Regal Charm. 148cm.— 1, S Weaver’s Rotherwood Pavarotti; 2, K Smith’s Hollowmarsh Oliver; 3, T Harvey’s Rhos Emblem. novice (S Crow) 138cm.— 1 & ch, J Templeton’s Kenilwood Sirocco; 2 & res, Lady C Parsons & D Thomas’ Syon Sugar Puff. 148cm.— 1, J Harvey’s Rhos Escapade; 2, K Miles’ Stanley Grange Masterpiece; 3, D Morton’s Oldcourt Charlotte. FR (A Fowler).— 1, L Bowen’s Copybush Moon Sprite; 2, H Martin’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 3, Dr Yule’s Romany River Anniversary. LR.— 1 & ch, Lucas & Clark’s Amesbury Mandalay, 2 & res, L Humphries’ Barkway Bridesmaid; 3, B Garner’s Basford Playboy. WHP (S Donger) NS.— 1, J Tregoning’s Joey B; 2, H Thomas’ Courtland JP Benjamin; 3, C Thompson’s Oasthill Ginseng. 133cm.— 1 & res, A Boyle’s My Blue Eyed Boy; 2, C Bower’s Zelston Bellquest; 3, G Worrow’s Silver Fox. 143cm.— 1 & ch, E Bletsoe Brown’s Sannan Valley Bobby Sox; 2, Dr A Haigh’s Midnight Playboy; 3, C Norton’s Buachaill Maith. 153cm.— 1, T Strapp’s Dancing Hero; 2, S Cottrell’s Ringling Galazy. int.— 1, V White’s Kelsterton Merlin; 2, B Brindley’s Dalida van de Kruishoeve; 3, D Barbour’s Vintha. int SRT (P Hilton) sml.— 1 & ch, W Edgar’s Wilderness Carmen; 2, Wesswood Caste A Spell; 3, S Hinchcliffe’s Roseberry Highland Fling. lge.— 1 & res, D Stennett’s Foxy Formula; 2, H Broom’s Paschal High Flyer; 3, H Lang’s Royal Doulton. SHT.— 1, S A Cowley’s Miracle Mickey; 2, G Twitchett’s Eaglemoor; 3, Pattersons Horse Boxes’ St Patricks. novice.— 1, C Gridley’s Wesswood Caste a Spell; 2, C Mackness’ Cwmcarrig Catalin; 3, A Graham’s Holltess Veni Vidi Vici. SHP (S Crane) 122cm.— 1 & res, S Darlington’s Wortley Celebration; 2, T Cresswell’s Marica Pandy Rose; 3, D Burrill’s Littlebriars Told You So. 133cm.— 1 & ch, S Andrews’ Rhoden Master Frederick; 2, V Windsor Phillips’ Dykebeck Wild Foxglove. 143cm.— 1, A Court’s Braeglen Symphony; 2, R Perrin’s Coedfryn Secret Whisper; 3, D Hayman’s Hammons Sweet Talk. 153cm.— 1, K Marfleet’s Valentino; 2, C Spencer’s Farellys Charlie; 3, S Wythe’s Glenmannus. LR of SHT.— 1, T Baldwin’s Millay Topic; 2, Lucas & Clark’s Brookhall Wise King; 3, P Townesley’s Waxwing Magnum. int SHT.— 1, S Cowley’s Miracle Mickey; 2, G Twitchett’s Eaglemoor; 3, Pattersons Horse Boxes’ St Patricks. concours d’elegance (V Millwood).— 1, H Lawson’s Compton Casper; 2, K Marfleet’s Captain Hastings; 3, S Boxall’s Advance Party. Lusitano (P Maddison Greenwell) ridden.— 1, A Eustance’s Soneto; 2, J Peters’ Quilate; 3, J Jevon’s Trigueiros. Andalusian.— 1, A Long’s Duque; 2, J Smith’s Jareno; 3, D Mardle’s Iberis. Winergy sport horse (J Geake).— 1, K Marfleet’s Penstrumbly Pen Arthur; 2, C Young’s Logic; 3, The Queen’s Acclaim. veteran (M Philpott) in-hand.— 1, G Maywood’s Larchbrook Flowing Free; 2, C Elliss’ Woodcote Brigadier; 3, L Ashworth’s High Hopes. ridden.— 1, A Marfleet’s Murram Park Phantom; 2, G Andrews’ Overdrive; 3, H Cripps’ Stambrook Benjamin Brown. In-hand Connemara (S M Rowe) y’stk.— 1, Mrs J Williams’s Rosscon Ace Of Spades; 2, Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Heavenly Pearl; 3; Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Lynx. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mrs & Miss M & T Pearce’s Just For Fun; 2, Mrs H Knight’s Rosscon Sunrise; 3, Ms E Kampa’s Nyton Master Joker. Shetland (S J Seward) y’stk.— 1, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Victoria; 2, Mrs A Page’s Buxten Exotic; 3, Mr & Mrs M Coxon’s Champlers Garland. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mr M Arden & Mrs S Nadin’s Abbotsbury Zak; 2, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Vesta; 3, Mrs A Page’s Somahouse Holly. Welsh (A Overton-Ablitt) sec B y’stk.— 1, Ms A Jones’ Pendock Silver Penny; 2, Mrs S Board Jones’ Bronheulog Ginola; 3, Mrs D Mindel’s Laithehill Soloist. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mr & Mrs L E Bigley’s Llanarth Da Vinci; 2, Mrs E J Payne’s Salthill Arabella; 3, Mr & Mrs S Board Jones’ Bronheulog Goldginger. sec A y’stk.— 1, Mr & Mrs Hughes’ Bryn-Odyn Seren Haf; 2, Mrs S J Weightman’s Sarum Songbird; 3, Mrs M Burchell-Small’s Lacy Flight. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mrs F Harding’s Skywood Blue Boy; 2, Mr B Hicks’ Ronswood Davina; 3, Mrs S Cheney’s Nerwyn Gawain. sec C (P Willis) y’stk.— 1, Mr G Cooper’s Rivervalley Roger; 2, Mrs J Bryson’s Brysmith Apollonia Spirit; 3, Ms W Good’s Burghwallis Magic Moment. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Miss S Tuvy’s Brimstone Jenny; 2, Mrs S Cheney’s Braddan Saint Patrick. sec D y’stk.— 1, Mr S Bigley’s Llanarth Fiery Jack; 2, Mr Russell & Miss Moore’s Caffreys Heidi; 3, Mr B Orchard’s Goyallt Owen. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Miss A Jones’ Broughton Royal Pride; 2, Ms J Maddock’s Thorneyside The Hunter; 3, Mr J D McDonald’s Trefnant Dawn. New Forest (J A Lowth) y’stk.— 1, Ms K Wright’s Brock Captain Jack; 2, Mr & Mrs D B Dewdney’s Oakfield Firefly II; 3; Ms C A McLeod’s Bisterne Diva. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers True Print; 2, Miss G Brownrigg’s Leith Ballard; 3, Ms R Trim’s Tiptoe Foxy Miss. Dartmoor (A J C Campbell) y’stk.— 1, Ms L Calcutt’s Shilstone Rocks North Westerly; 2, Mr & Mrs R Thornely-Taylor’s Heatherden Zephyr; 3, Mrs S Williams’ Shilstone Rocks Shiraz. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mr & Mrs J Sheehy’s Foxleat Victory; 2, Ms V Evans’ Briars Anniversary; 3, Mrs S Williams’ Shilstone Rocks Champagne. dales (R J Broster).— 1 & res, Mrs S Hobday’s Sunglow Black Pearl; 2, Miss L Whattingham’s Gullivers Buccaneer; 3, Mrs C Springall’s Akehurst Kilroy. Fell (S Hore).— 1 & ch, Mrs J Jordan’s Llancloudy Gabriel; 2, Miss C Brooks’ Shirdlehill Tara; 3, HM The Queen’s Balmoral Vision. Exmoor (P Cox).— 1, Ms Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Primrose; 2, Mrs A Nicholls’ Blackthorn Posy; 3, Mrs M Buttner’s Vildrosens Poppy. Highland (M MacBain) y’stk.— 1, Ms H Horler’s Nashend Lady Ribble; 2, Mrs N J Raynham & Mrs K F Dipper’s Heather Of Conway; 3, Mrs J A Smith’s Lyncrest’s Marcell. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Mrs N J Raynham’s Iona Of Conway; 2, Mrs C Simms’ Kylesku Pipe Major; 3, Miss Y Affleck’s Glenwest Castle Loch Buie. M&M WHP (L B Hillard & M Sharpley) 122cm.— 1, Mrs C Thompson’s Llanai Galaxy; 2, Mrs H Coy’s Forlan Honey Dancer; 3, Mrs J Newman’s Skywood Hi-Mac. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Miss F Goodsir’s Falfield Silver Slipper; 2, Mrs D Ward’s Peasdown Pinging Popcorn; 3, Mrs J Banks’ Valentine Cadence. 148cm.— 1, Miss F Goodsir’s The Quiet Man; 2 & res, Ms S Fairlie’s Fairlies Red Flare; 3, Mrs S Fuller Lewis’ Elaphine Murphy. M&M LR (A T Robertson).— 1 & ch, Mrs L Simms’ Breamish Julian; 2, Mrs L Reid’s Tamevalley Black Jack; 3, Mrs M Burchell-Small & O Burchell’s Vennebos Pearly King. FR.— 1 & res, Mrs L Simms’ Roseisle Samantha; 2, Mrs G Pointer’s Pantmanr Just So; 3, Mrs S Ash’s Sedgewick Conquerer. M&M ridden (R L Miller) Connemara & New Forest.— 1 & res, Mrs J Bloor’s Knockanroe Champ; 2, Lady Vestey and Ms H Knight’s Lecarrow King; 3, Ms B Miller’s Rosemaharley Ban Rion Laura. dales, fell, Highland.— 1, Miss K Gatland’s Sunglow Lady Paula; 2, Mrs S Atherden’s Castle Hill Flash; 3, Miss Z Howard’s Castle Hill Glen. sec A/B.— 1, Mrs J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon; 2, Mrs L Bates’ Bronheulog Harvey; 3, Mr & Mrs J Carter’s Millcroft Dahlia. sec C/D.— 1, Lady Vestey’s Kentchurch Raindrop; 2, Mrs S Mercer’s Kentchurch Galaxy; 3, Mr K Gibbons’ Broughton Last Express. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland.— 1 & ch, Mrs L Buchanan-Jackson’s Blackator Rhonda; 2, Mrs S Darlington’s Moortown Choir Boy; 3, Mr D Plumb’s Bradford Legacy. novice hackney (J Wenham Esq) pony.— 1, Miss A Sparrowhawk’s Seamair; 2, Mr J Osborne’s Heartland Lone Star; 3, Mr M Denness’ Heartland Major. horse. — 1, Mr P Vyse’s Luddington Maestro; 2, Mr Mark Hardy’s Sam Van Semarang; 3, Mr W Murrell’s Nutfields Warrior Princess. Open pony. — 1 & res, Mr E A Ward’s Westbourne Hi-Tech; 2, Mr G Haffenden’s Aghaderg Supreme Demonstrator; 3, Mr M Denness’ Heartland Top of the Class. Open horse. — 1 & ch, Mr P J Gray’s Wentworth Ebony; 2, Mr G Haffenden’s Oldtown Reality; 3, Mr N Turner’s Runwells Magic’s Girl. miniature horses (S Harries) y’stk.—1 & ch, Mrs C Lindsay’s Apollos Little Rose; 2, Mrs M Barnard’s Aesthete Princes Image; 3, Mrs M Barnard’s Scott Creek Monarch Hearts A Fyre. 4-y-o & over.—1, Sir Thomas & Lady King’s Scott Creek My Key To Fashion; 2, Miss P Smith’s Kalypso Marblearch; 3, Mrs A Kemp’s Aesthete Lavender Blue. stallion.—1 & res, Mrs H Leonard’s Spotlights Rough Diamond; 2, Miss B Thompson’s Dayhill Travelling Technicolour; 3, Mrs J Duke’s Dukes Twist Of Colours. Amateur: riding horse.— 1, P Baker-Beall & J Radley’s Kings Gold; 2, S Facchino’s Bowood Diamond; 3, H Whitely-John’s Sea Ocean Field. hack.— 1, Comberton Craftsman; 2, J Findlow’s Lady Athena; 3, J Carter’s Barrdene Night Fever. cob.— 1, K Ledger’s Grigio Fumo; 2, H McCloy’s Rodney Boy; 3, D Stennett’s Incobnito. hunter, lwt.— 1 & res, L Heseltine’s Kozee; 2, Miss K Mafleet’s Penstrumbly Pen Arthur; 3, S Simpson’s Jazz Band. hwt.— 1 & ch, K O’Connell’s Avalanche II; 2, D Richards & B King’s Tom Brown II; 3, S Fisher’s X Factor. CHAPS coloured native/cob/trad horse exc 148cm.— 1, Miss S Skeet’s Ainmoor Folly; 2, Miss H Linfield’s Broken Arrow II; 3, Miss A Gilbert’s The Office Junior.

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