Royal Norfolk show 19 – 30 June ’05

  • ROYAL NORFOLK Norfolk Showground, Norwich, 29-30 June

    hunters in-hand (M Trickey) small 1, S Yates’ Loch Royal II; 2, D North McDowall’s Master Jivetime; 3, R Gambazza’s Loch Avon. y’ling 1 & res, Lady Kelvedon’s Elgar III; 2, E Steptoe’s One More Knight; 3, R & D Kemp’s O-What A Pearl. 2-y-o 1, F Hall’s Arthur’s Game; 2, A White’s Lanzetta; 3, D Bloyce’s Ciel Surprendre. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Lady Kelvedon’s Drybrook Bedouin; 2, F Gifkins’ Cyber Force; 3, W Embleton’s Grand Baie. lwt b’mare 1, B Harris’ Crackenthorpe Joie De Vivre; 2, A Sturges’ Redpath River Dancer; 3, R Colson’s Cynthia. foal 1, P Adams’ Littledale Fabulous; 2, A Sturges’ Redpath Ransom; 3, B Harris’ Jantin. do, hwt 1, A Sturges’ Redpath Ruby. foal 1, A Sturges. ridden hunters (J Castle, R Sharp) 4-y-o 1, J Dalton’s In A Daze. lwt 1 & ch, The Queen’s March Past; 2, E Trembath’s Imperial Court; 3, L Bell’s Pay Check. mwt 1 & res, Beaverfast Ltd’s Criminal Justice III; 2, A Crow’s Just Harrison; 3, P Nuttall’s Knightsbridge IV. hwt 1, A Hutton’s True Grannett; 2, L Bell’s Rock Star; 3, M Wilkinson’s Man At Arms. working 1, M Underwood’s Isaac; 2, P Butler’s Crown Court; 3, L Bell’s Reloaded. small (J Jefferson) 1, S Curtis’ Rufforth Rowena; 2, W King’s Cloud Nine V; 3, V Ramm’s Ballyelland Lad. ladies’ 1, D Bremner’s Shanlara’s Secreet; 2, J Blundell’s Quantro Bay. in-hand Arab (J Lowe) 4-y-o & over mare/gelding 1 & ch, M Wragg’s Maybe Bey Be; 2 & res, V Tyler’s Khazmeara; 3, L Dunn’s Saarida Bint Shaliah. do stallion 1, A Fleming’s Symphytum; 2, Shadwell Estate Co’s Izentespeshal; 3, Adkin & Brown’s Ibn Flet. 1-3-y-o 1, V Tyler’s Shalimar; 2, Atkinson & Howard-Price’s Cyntaurus; 3, L Dunn’s Jamala Al Azhar. Anglo/part-bred 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, S Palmer’s Palmfields Nightingale; 2, G Neve’s Maraday Matahari; 3, D Barsby’s Rosemore Lucky Touch. 1-3-y-o 1, S Palmer’s Palmfields Starlight; 2, H Hagger’s Tristan Super Star; 3, J Foster’s Whalton Renaissance. ridden Arab 1, Atkinson & Howard’Price’s Muzonomy; 2, Symphytum; 3, T Mattocks’ Rosaliah Gold. do Anglo/part-bred 1, R Wright’s Abbas Firedance; 2, A Lankester’s Bonnie Sonya; 3, C Thain’s Ridgemount Silver Relm. riding horse (M Hucker) lge 1 & ch, A Blundell’s Dallas Gazumpa; 2, P Rackham’s Woodfield Alf; 3, Bonnie Sonya. sml 1 & res, V Smith’s King’s Jester; 2, L Bussey’s Bay Ripper. cob 1, W King’s Churchill III; 2, H Leage’s Oakwood Bally Cavan; 3, E Carter’s Greengrass. BSPA coloured (J van Praagh) in-hand y’stk 1 & ch, K Smith’s Puzzles Mother’s Pride; 2 & res, A Fox’s Benston Harley; 3, Costello & Barnes’ Spartan Sunrise. 153cm 1, J Hull’s Rain Dance Warrior; 2, Cooper & Price’s High Hopes; 3, I Grant-Norman’s Paddy Power. exc 153cm 1, Puzzles Mother’s Pride; 2, S Whitehand’s Winston; 3, G Benninfgfield’s Mallen. ridden 153cm trad/native 1, R Francis’s Porringer; 2, Paddy Power; 3, S Barrett’s Uncle Chadwick. do, plaited 1 & ch, V Jenkins’ Nijinski Derma; 2 & res, G Taverner’s Fanville David; 3, R Francis’s Follywood Diamonte. lwt/mwt exc 153cm 1, Salmon & Harris’ Claydon’s Colour Code; 2, Toller & Mahoney’s Hagrid; 3, S Flatman’s Flash Harry. hwt/cob/trad/vanner exc 153cm 1, L Bentham’s First Light III; 2, S Green’s total Eclipse; 3, Lady Tyrrell’s Be A Sport. open 1, Be A Sport; 2, S Cox’s Carson City; 3, Claydon’s Colour Code. Haflinger (M Davenport) in-hand 4-y-o & over 1, H Blair’s Oxnead Windsor; 2, T Crane’s Norvic; 3, M Dudbridge’s Montello. y’stk 1, T Crane’s Oxnead Ovation; 2, A Morgan’s Oxnead Marisa; 3, L Burton’s Oxnead Harriet. ridden 1, J Critchlow’s Coombe Wood Strahl; 2, Norvic; 3, J Critchlow’s Oxnead Anthem. M&M in-hand (B Gibb) Shetland 1, Fairweather & Chenery’s Rose Villas Marie; 2, A Bromwich’s Claylands Lady Jeanette. y’stk 1, L Rose’s Brandeston Jamie; 2, J Land’s Rosevillas Murtle; 3, Z Rushforth’s Helawi Hypnotist. Dartmoor, Exmoor (C Nelson) 1, K Szostaak’s Whinberry Florin; 2, Wright & Rossall’s Wynhill Blackbird; 3, J Grant’s Foxleat Rowanberry. do, y’stk 1 & res, J Grant’s Vean Natasha; 2, J Adcock’s Frostrow Cavini; 3, L Calcutt’s Shilstone Rocks Fandango. Connemara, New Forest 1 & ch, H Somerset’s Falfield Honey Bear; 2, G Turner’s Maximillian; 3, S Wright’s Theodore. Dales, Fell, Highland 1, J & L Pennell’s Lowhouses Black Magic; 2, C Ross-Thompson’s Underwoods Fortune; 3, C Ross Thompson’s Underwoods Kestrel. Connemara, New Forest, Dales, Fell, Highland y’stk 1, N Musson’s Lunesdale Im The Man; 2, D Cole’s Dene Shooting Star; 3, J Stratton’s Holly Brook Hightime. sec A (I Lloyd) 4-y-o & over 1, J Etheridge’s Minsmere Pioneer; 2, R Gredley’s Yaverland Cherry Ripe; 3, J Etheridge’s Wheelers Tip Top. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Wales’ Springland Prosperity; 2, L Calcutt’s Idyllic Elena; 3, M & P Cclark’s Collyers Blueberrie. do, y’ling 1, J Wales’ Springlane Sonnet; 2, Jeans and Baldry’s Colliyers Pilot Lite; 3, Papworth & Byford’s Blackvein Sundance. sec B 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, L Knights’ Rhydhowell Miss Oliver; 2, M McInnes’ Ernford Bashful; 3, A Moore’s Cottrell Faberge. 2/3-yo 1, J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Anenome; 2, A Nutter’s Ernford Bell Air; 3, M Butters’ Techon Gaynor. y’ling 1, J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Porcelain; 2, M Butters’ Tas Valley Archie; 3, J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Ballerina. sec C/D 4-y-o & over 1, L Smith’s Trevallion Princess Pandora; 2, Williams & Curtis’ Mitcheltroy Welsh Rebound. 2/3-y-o 1, L Smith’s Trevallion Perdita; 2, T Hall’s Griffos Merlyn; 3, M Leek’s Renward Merlyn. y’ling 1, M Butters’ Brynfa Queen Bee; 2, Sparr’s Griffindor Miss Dynamite; 3, C Fox’s Llanmurfin Aeronwen. M&M FR (M Furness, N Shuttleworth) 1, K Smith’s Liffington Elvis; 2, H Bright’s Springtimes Mischief; 3, F Harrison’s Horselode Horatio. LR 1, M Williams’ Abbey Bells Sister Philomena; 2, K Lloyd’s Mynddtarren The Maverick; 3, H Bright’s Yealand Frolic. M&M ridden (C Nelson, B Gibb) New Forest, Connemara 1, R Avery’s Loughfadder Best Man; 2, D Bright’s Village Favourite. Fell, Highland, Dales 1 & res, Peters & Nicholson’s Hedgethorpe Blackthorn; 2, S Bowling’s Laochan of Kingennie; 3, N Page’s Glenbachor Mingulay. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland 1, S Bowling’s Cranbrook Paddocks Cragganmore; 2, Harrison & Suffling’s Briars Amaretto; 3, D Barr’s Southerley Red Ember. sec C/D (G Furness, N Shuttleworth) 1 & ch, B Carter’s Elkins Ravel; 2, M Richardson’s Drumacre Llower Solo; 3, D Bright’s Waxwing Reel. in-hand RP (J Calvert) y’ling 1, L Fry-Lockier’s Fidra For Your Eyes Only; 2, C Constable’s Bracon Tinkerbell; 3, C Charnick’s Welwyn Songbird. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, L Fry-Lockier’s Fidra Double O Seven; 2, M Hudson’s Just Hasmine; 3, C Charnick’s Welwyn Dancing Rain. b’mare 1 & ch, S Palmer’s Palmfields Nightingale; 2, J Grant’s Thimbleby Sensation; 3, J Gooch’s Bracon Titania. foal 1, J Grant’s; 2, J Dalton’s Pendene Delightful’s; 3, J Gooch’s. WHP (J Dorman, J Worthington) 133cm 1 & res, M Banks-Browne’s Lanson; 2, J Stockton’s Ernford Ballot Box; 3, L Harris’ The Diamond Smuggler. 143cm 1, K Cole’s Rocky B; 2, N Major’s Smartie III; 3, P Tann’s Coosheen Sea Breeze. 153cm 1 & ch, D White’s Black Monday; 2, S Curtis’ Full Circle; 3, K Hirst’s Straith Liath.

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