Royal County of Berkshire Show 18 – 19 September ’04

  • ROYAL COUNTY OF BERKSHIRE Newbury, Berks, 18-19 September

    hunter, amateur, lwt 1 & res, Miss P Moon’s Larkhill; 2, Mrs J N C Wooldridge’s Sir Edmund; 3, S A Barton’s Blakes Thicket. do hwt 1 & ch, Miss E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, Miss L Young’s Good Thyme Lad; 3, Mr & Mr M & N Philpott & Sibley’s Chapelwell. do mwt 1, Miss E Gibson’s Newsflash; 2, Mrs J Norman’s Joe Keogh; 3, Mrs S Prior’s Murphys Law VI. do sml 1, Mrs A Blaker’s Bourne Spring; 2, Mrs J Lockwood’s Diamond Grove; 3, Mrs T Aubins’ Beethoven II. do ladies’ 1, Shelford Rupert; 2, Larkhill; 3, Hon Mrs C Digby’s Dudley Do Right II. working hunter, lwt 1 & ch, Mrs L Bell’s Legally Blonde; 2, Mrs G Andrew’s Reverie; 3, Mr J Martin’s Swift Alliance. hwt 1, Ms C Clarke’s Pipers Ovation; 2, Mr & Mrs A Andrews’ Black Diamond Clover; 3, Mrs N Gittins’Arctic Chair. nov 1, Mrs Bell’s Reloaded; 2, Mrs A Blaker’s Mr Flashman. sport horse, y’ling 1 & ch, Mrs A Chamberlayne’s Thomas; 2, Mr P McGirr’s Tyrone Ballydale; 3, P Harnett’s Abbeytrine. 2-y-o 1 & res, Miss D J Wilkins’ Sambizi; 2, Mrs K Scott-Gall’s Tsaro; 3, Mrs A Chamberlayne’s Tristar II. 3-y-o 1, Mr S Read’s Hands Off; 2, Mrs K Scott-Gall’s Mopani; 3, Mrs A Chamberlayne’s One Liner. hunter b’mare 1 & ch, Miss V Scouller’s Aintree Oats; 2, Mrs J Mason’s Double Bubble; 3, Ms L Cassidy’s Red Silhoutte. foal 1, Miss V Scouller’s Déjà vu; 2, Ms L Cassidy’s Shakespeare; 3, Mrs J Mason’s. y’ling 1, Mr J L Dunlop’s Man In The Moon II; 2, P Harnett’s Abbeytrine; 3, Mr J L Dunlop’s Man Of Distinction. 2-y-o 1, Mrs A Bassett’s Gladallover; 2, Tristar II; 3, Mr J L Dunlop’s Steal A March. 3-y-o 1, Mrs J Mason’s Burlyns Ad Lib; 2, One Liner; 3, Mr P Armitage’s Estralita. WHP CS 1, Miss J Talbot’s Melbas Mystral. NS 1, Miss J Talbot’s Brianne Hapni; 2, C Purkis’ Valentines Heathcliffe; 3, Porsha’s Mrs C Norton’s Charlie Brown. mixed ht open 1, Valentines Heathcliffe. SHP, mxd ht open 1, Mrs K Austin’s Brundish Take Two; 2, Miss E J Edwards’ Star Edition; 3, Mrs E A Crew’s Bowmanhill Prince Charming. SHT, LR 1, ch & sup, Ms J Harvey’s Flash Harry VII; 2, Mrs E A Crew’s Tetcott Sunshine; 3, Miss S Davis’ Barkway Prince Charming. FR 1, Flash Harry VII; 2, Tetcott Sunshine; 3, Dr D Wethered’s Antoinettes Little Toff. cob, amateur 1, Mrs A Hance’s Krypton; 2, Miss A C Wilson’s Barker; 3, Ms S Darby’s Moonlight Shadow. working 1, Mrs L Watson’s The Sportsman; 2, Mrs S Mann’s Jack Benny; 3, Mrs S L Boden’s Ballingarry. nov 1, Mrs A Hance’s Lockwood; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds Equinox; 3, Mrs Richardson’s Scorpius. lwt 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Draco; 2, Lockwood. hwt 1 & res, Krypton; 2, Mrs A Stewart’s Tapestry; 3, Mannanan Stud’s Mannanan Orinoco. NPS/Baileys ridden, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh sec A 1 & ch, Reid & Parkinson’s Denburydown Democrat; 2, Mrs F M Harrison’s Shilstone Rocks North Countryman; 3, Mrs J S Barton’s Vean West Wind. sec B/C 1, Mrs J R Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir; 2, Mrs C J Isaac’s Neuaddparc Eclipse; 3, Miss S Challinor’s Morwyn Bronze Knight. New Forest, Connemara 1 & res, Mrs H Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear; 2, Miss S Hodgkins’ Cloonisle Carad; 3, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Sovereign. Dales, Fell, Highland 1, Mrs J S Barton’s Mackenziedene; 2, Ms B Snelling’s Tamarvale Barnabus; 3, Mrs J S Barton’s Macallisterdene. sec D 1, Mrs C J Isaac’s Broughton Diplomat; 2, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Dream; 3, Mr C Davies’ Trofarth Ebony. Langston & Caldene equitation 1, Mrs G E Mather’s Sledwich Harvest Mouse; 2, Ms A Leighton’s Hassage Harry; 3, Ms S Boxall’s Parklands Piper. best horse/pony 1, Hassage Harry. concours d’elegance 1, Sledwich Harvest Mouse; 2, Parklands Piper; 3, Hassage Harry. do WHP 1, Miss B Robertson’s Copper Mine. ridden Anglo/part-bred Arab 1, Mr John Brewster’s Jasmine Queen Of The Desert. do pure-bred 1 & ch, A Boyle’s Maleikero; 2 & res, Mr J Brewster’s Flet; 3, Mrs Y Woolfenden’s Zurnau Shakira. M&M in-hand Fell, Highland, Dales 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs T Good’s Shepparton Kim; 2, Mrs A Hart’s Achtriochan Dougal; 3, Mrs C Groves’ Brittleton Te Bheag. do y’stk 1, J Clifford’s Dunedin Feolin; 2, Miss A Rogers’ Helinggy Duchess; Mr & Mrs T Good’s Murthwaite Barnaby Rudge. Dartmoor, Exmoor 1, Mrs C Tomkins’ Blackthorn Pans Pipes; 2, Mr & Mrs J Hurst’s Ilex; 3, Miss J Churchill’s Bella. do y’stk 1, Mrs H Arnold’s Covdale Giorgio; 2, Mrs S A Squires’ Shilstone Rocks Claret. Connemara, New Forest 1, Mrs M Dewdney’s Priory Sherbert; 2, Mrs S Kilford’s Furzley Merry Maide; 3, Miss & Mr C & W R Joynes & Newman’s Shipton Finola May. do y’stk 1, Messrs Mitchener & Jeffries’ Applewitch Magister; 2, Mr & Mrs A G Bailey’s Rodlease Special Magic; 3, Mrs S Kilford’s Furzley Serenaide. sec A 1, Mr & Mrs J Burbidge’s Blanche Gina. do y’stk 1 & ch, Mrs P Chantler’s Lapstone Xanthia; 2, Miss J Thomas’ Leafycroft Shania. sec C/D stallion/gelding 1, Mr R Foster’s Ilardewi; 2, Miss A Thomas’ Navestock Welsh Flyer; 3, Mr & Miss M & L Russell & Moore Ynysgerwyn Simply Magic. do mare 1, Saith Stud’s Paith Magical Coriander; 2, Mr A Cooper Rhystyd Wendy; 3, Miss L Barsoum’s Harradene May Princess. do y’stk 1, ch & M&M res, Mrs L Saint’s Southcoast Mr Tom; 2, Miss L Barsoum’s Cathael Allyah; 3, Mrs R Gibbs’ Rainhill Victoria. Shetland, stallion 1, Mr & Mrs T Sapak’s Hose Reynard; 2, Mrs W J Hedley’s Starfire Dazzle. do mare/geld 1, D & A Pickett & Sargeant’s Champlers Elsa; 2, Miss S Cross’Hose Everard; 3, Mr & Mrs I Bailey’s Cressida Of Touchwood. do colt/geld 1, Mr B Gamblin’s Oakgrove Baz-Bee; 2, Mr & Mrs R G Turvill’s Highwood Vitality; 3, Mr B Gamblin’s Boxleaze Champers. do filly 1, Mr & Mrs I Bailey’s Valeta Of Touchwood; 2, Mrs S M Gibson’s Coppice Daisy Belle; 3, Carmilo Stud’s Carmilo Magic Moments. do y’ling 1, D & A Pickett & Sargeant’s Champlers Eros; 2, Mrs A Bromwich’s Waulkmill Redstart; 3, Mrs D Barr’s Sandy Cross Sir Galahad. miniature, stallion 1 & ch, Mr Frank Hodder’s Kerswell Magnet; 2, Mr S Read’s Kerswell Smokey; 3, Miss N Andrews’Liscombe Park Samson. do b’mare 1, Mrs J B Evans Blenheim Bunny Girl; 2, Mr & Mrs R Jones Buxted Evangeline; 3, Mrs J Percy Liscombe Park Lucinda. foal 1, Mr & Mrs R Jones Buxted Explorer; 2, Mrs J Percy’s Snelsmore Hemendra; 3, Mrs A Mair’s Quakers Sweet Cecily.mare/geld 1, Miss A Hessey’s Abbotsford Picard; 2, Mr F Hodder’s Eiger Bonnie; 3, Mrs M Taylor’s Mceve Poppet. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs W J Hedley’s Starfire Sundancer; 2, Mr S Read’s Eiger Edelweiss; 3, Mrs M A C Ball’s Cranford Emily. y’ling 1, Mrs P Hopkins’ Valsheda Pepperpot; 2, Mr K Whitmee’s Cranford Paque Juive; 3, Mrs J Percy’s Snelsmore Genesis. M&M FR 1 & ch, Mrs S Grange’s Waterside Genesis; 2, Mrs Proud’s Newoak Smuggler; 3, Mr K Whitmee’s Clivocast Jenny. M&M WHP, 122cm 1, Mrs D Barr’s Dryfe China Doll. do 138cm 1, L Launder’s Burley Gossip; 2, Miss J Aspell’s Cottrell Maestro. exc 138cm 1, Mrs W Cobden’s Meonbury Marcus; 2, Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 3, Mrs J Leon’s Ballymoe Main Man. M&M WHP NS 1, Dryfe China Doll; 2, Mrs B Moore’s Brynoffa Sophie; 3, Mrs L E Pope’s Pendock Jumbo. M&M sml breeds 1, Waterside Genesis; 2, Mrs J S Barton Wistmans Pericles; 3, Cottrell Maestro. do lge breeds 1, Mrs & Mr J Ryder-Phillips’ Atlantic Prince Of Peace; 2, Mrs J O’Halloran’s Pentrefelin Enfys; 3, Mrs V E Link’s Dorridge Nobleman. CHAPS non-native ridden 1 & ch, Mrs J Evans Henrys Out Of This World; 2, J Prichard’s Freddie; 3, Miss M Buck’s Tiger Lilly. native 1, Miss H Linfield’s Broken Arrow II; 2, K Harris’ Paint Your Wagon; 3, Ms S Darby’s Moonlight Shadow. y’stk 1, Mrs J Skinner’s Jamberoo Jigsaw; 2, Miss K Smyth’s Carning Valley Echo; 3, Ms S Gale’s Hollisland Strawberry Hill. non-native open 1, Mr M Thompson’s Lady Rough Diamond; 2, Hollisland Strawberry Hill; 3, Ms D Everett’s Dexters Calico Joe. trad 1 & ch, Miss S J Lyndsell’s Come What May; 2, Miss B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 3, Broken Arrow II.

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