Royal Bath & West showing results, 30 May-2 June 2012

  • HOYS Cuddy supreme in-hand.– 1, Kellythorpes Moulin Rouge; 2, It’s A Family Affair. hunter breeding: sml b’mare.– 1 & ch, R Oliver’s Chantry Clover Girl; 2, K Ligthelm’s Dancing Queen X. foal.– 1, K Ligthelm; 2, R Oliver. y’ling.– 1, D Evans’ Dapper Lad. 2yo.– 1, C Wood’s Kings Speech; 2, S Evans’ Dominator; 3, P Hobbs’ Madrisa. 3yo filly.– 1, D Sexon’s Tawstock Carmen; 2, J Hunt’s Oathill Teacake; 3, D Davies’ Foxcourt A Maddonna. do colt/geld.– 1 & ch, A Wareham’s & C Burrington’s It’s A Family Affair; 2 & res, K Branscombe’s Le Grant; 3, H De Boorder’s Masterpiece’s Last Request. ridden hunter, 4yo.– 1, D Tatlow’s Late Knight; 2, Jethro Bloodstock’s French Connection V III; 3, P Clarke’s Powerscourt. RIHS sml.– 1, G Merton’s Kilkee Castle; 2, S Cuddy’s Paddys Swan; 3, A Buckingham’s Miners Town. lwt.– 1, M Glasgow’s Gilly’s Boy; 2, H McCloy’s Blues Proposal; 3, A McGrath’s Mastermind. mwt.– 1, G Crumpler’s Killaloe; 2, S Simpson’s Sugar Roland; 3, Jethro Bloodstock’s Bandwagon. hwt.– 1 & ch, R Woulds’ Cloneyhea Fame; 2 & res, A Hall’s Major Moylaw; 3, L Freedman’s Cashel Rock. ladies.– 1, A Tate’s Shanbo River King; 2, G Crumpler’s Killaloe; 3, P Moon’s Time Lord IV. novice.– 1, C Bardo’s Time 2 Reflect; 2, M Glasgow’s Ballyboe Honesty; 3, S Holliday’s Master Bandsman. RIHS amateur, lwt.– 1 & ch, LJ Freedman’s Mr Mick; 2, A Buckingham’s Drumconnick Diamond; 3, Time Lord IV. hwt.– 1 & res, P & G Merton’s Atonement; 2, Shanbo River King; 3, Sugar Roland. working hunter, nov.– 1 & res, Drumconnick Diamond; 2, C Langrish’s Blushing Boy; 3, S Gould’s Get Set II. RIHS open.– 1 & ch, L Cooke’s Harley Foxtrot; 2, J Sharp’s Regal Spark; 3, S Gaunt’s Uroko. cob, nov.– 1, A McGrath’s Collingham; 2, K Ledger’s Makers Mark; 3, C Neame’s Back To Black. RIHS lwt.– 1 & ch, D Heath’s Mister President; 2, P Duncan’s Ausie Tim; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Gallifrey. hwt.– 1 & res, M Ainsworth’s Colebrooke; 2, G Phillips’ Wellington; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Skaro. maxi.– 1, C Bardo’s Dylan Thomas; 2, C Neame’s Rock On Robbie; 3, H Harper’s Atlas. amateur.– 1, L Randall’s Grigio Fumo; 2, H Harper’s Hercules IV; 3, G Gwilliam’s Chadwick Too. working show horse.– 1, E Bury’s Waterford; 2, C Bardo & J Beatham’s Comberton Clancy; 3, S M O’Reilly Hyland’s Pink Punch. hack breeding, b’mare.– 1 & res, T Wareham’s Miss Elodie; 2, A Charlesworth’s Bronze Star. y’ling.– 1 & ch, A Charlesworth’s Sutton Grange Lady Eleanor; 2, R Nelson’s Sentiments Royal Elegance. sml 2/3yo.– 1, A Charlesworth’s Lingswood Lad; 2, C Blackham’s Everglades Cool Cat; 3, S Mosse’s Montgomery Perry. lge do.– 1, V Russell-Wood’s Stage Knight; 2, S Peeke’s Romanyriver Captain Silk. riding horse breeding, b’mare.– 1 & D Sexon’s Tawstock Fedora; 2, V Scouller’s Rosamoyessii. foal.– 1, D Sexon’s; 2, P Watson. y’ling.– 1 & res, P Hobbs’ Comberton Calypso; 2, A Charlesworth’s Sutton Grange Amazing Grace; 3, I Adsetts’ No Surrender. sml 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, L Leeman’s Kellythorpes Moulin Rouge; 2, A Boyles’ Classictop La Rouge; 3, L Walton’s Jannah’s Prospect. lge do.– 1, M Wood’s Pendley Afterthought; 2, S Edwards’ Runnon Hurricane Gold; 3, C Upham & R Oliver’s Trenavey Rational Choice. sport horse breeding, b’mare.– 1 & res, Messrs Pearn & Collins’ Florestine 8; 2, Chantry Clover Girl. foal.– 1, R Oliver; 2, N Phillips’ Bling. y’ling.– 1, Dapper Lad; 2, L Walton’s Daphne’s Prospect; 3, S Furniss’ Shovern Glamour. 2yo filly.– 1, K Morton’s Marchwood Gem; 2, J Ford’s Wessex Role Of Honour; 3, L Walton’s Jannah’s Prospect. 2yo colt/geld.– 1, J England’s The Ginger Genie; 2, J Townshend’s Classictop Lancelot; 3, J Rose’s Acrobat Du Village. 3yo filly.– 1, J Rose’s Vilia Du Village; 2, S Edwards’ Runnon Co Star; 3, J Knight’s Liberty XV1. 3yo colt/geld.– 1 & ch, Le Grant; 2, Trenavey Rational Choice; 3, S White’s King Leo. Blue Chip ridden sport horse.– 1, F Dod’s Billy Elliott II; 2, C Bardo’s Aidensfield Rupert; 3, K Walsh’s Orions Bay. Irish draught, maturity class 4yo & over.– 1, Collins Equestrian Centre’s Dames De Flandres; 2, V Scouller’s Madam Bea; 3, J Mathews’ Avanti Flirty Gerty. y’stk.– 1, G Phillips’ Castlebar; 2, V Scouller’s Bea’s Diamond. RP breeding, b’mare.– 1 & res, A Charlesworth’s Bradmore Faberge; 2, A Banks’ Pantmanr Jazz-Cat. foal.– 1, A Charlesworth’s Goresmead Anastasia; 2, A Enticott. y’ling, 128cm at maturity.– 1, D Porter & A Pitman’s Wycroft Lady Jane; 2, C Booty’s Barkway Versace. do 148cm.– 1, C Bennett’s Feltham Dolly Daydream; 3, J Rucklidge’s Jackets Delightful. 2/3yo 128cm.– 1, M Ainsworth’s Corselawn Little Dude. do 138cm.– 1 & ch, J Upward’s Wycroft Spring Symphony; 2, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Bill Bayley; 3, E Pendarvis’ Holnicote Top Of The Tree. 148cm.– 1, Renelles Stud’s Renelles Royal Angel; 2, P Jackson’s Maimorne’s Surprise Party. colt 2/3yo 148cm.– 1, R Tucker’s Romanno Tom Thum; 2, D Cox’s Wycroft Wedgewood. HOYS CHAPS ridden, non-native exc 153cm.– 1, L Ibbotson’s Torontos Muza; 2, T Waters’ Shybont Navaho Girl; 3, C Bardo’s Aidensfield Rupert. 153cm.– 1, J Nuttall’s Rising Sun; 2, S Roberts’ Chiddock Scooner Bay; 3, L Riley’s LWS Dexter’s Dairy. native/cob/traditional exc 148cm.– 1 & ch, A McKillop’s Tomahawk III; 2, S Harris’ From A Distance; 3, I Smeeth’s Goodwill. 148cm.– 1 & res, Moortown Stud’s Moortown Frilly; 2, A Curry’s Cilmaengwyn Romay Lad; 3, M Pickford’s Stardust. CHAPS in-hand, y’ling.– 1, Shybont Stud’s Shybont Desirae In Mind; 2, S Baverstock’s Tamerind; 3, S Furniss’ Shovern Glamour. 2yo.– 1, J Bryer’ Harroway Man In The Moon; 2, J Bryer’s Harroway Faerie Sprinkle; 3, L O’Connell’s Prancers Pride. 3yo.– 1 & ch, M Wood’s Princess; 2, H Hutchings’ Pauldarys Simply Special; 3, J Birt’s Andbec Little Big Horn. native/cob/trad.– 1 & res, N Snelling’s Hedraws Gwen; 2, A Smith’s Coltman Puzzle; 3, N Downton-Jones’ Lady Millicent. non-native open.– 1, E Prosser’s Appledore Coconino; 2, G Davies’ Cutsdean Windrush; 3, B Walter’s Firle Golden Eagle. in-hand pure-bred Arab, mare.– 1, Dame Anderson’s MH Maarni Moon; 2, S Zebedee’s Eastworth Ahmoshini; 3, S Smalley’s Alice Dove. filly y’stk.– 1, B Gamlin’s SJ Annala; 2, J Knight’s CF Alise. colt/geld do.– 1, A Potts’ Mohafez Al Maalik; 2, P Wainwright’s Monti Carlo; 3, Asmar Arabians’ Wasik IBN Orion. stallion/geld, 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, T Aggad’s Roe Namrood; 2 & res, R Thomas’ Ffoenix; 3, S Zebedee’s Piatza. in-hand Anglo/part-bred y’stk.– 1 & res, A Charlesworth’s Goresmead Royal Engagement; 2, P Jackson’s Maimorne Surpride Party. y’ling.– 1, R Nelson’s Sentiments Royal Elegance; 2, Shybont Desire In Mind; 3, Feltham Dolly Daydream. 2yo.– 1, S Cunningham’s Howtown Waltzing Matilda; 2, S Mosse’s Montgomery Perry; 3, Renelles Royal Angel. 3yo.– 1, Broadgrove Bill Bayley; 2, V Russell-Wood’s Jazz It Up. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, K Pitt’s Chycoose Troubadour; 2, A Watkins’ Breinton Royal Pageant; 3, S Trott’s Newoak Allspice. ridden pure-bred Arab.– 1, W Gibson’s Majestic Cavalier; 2, Eastworth Ahmoshini; 3, R Napier-Clark’s Melzi. RIHS Anglo/part-bred 148cm.– 1, S Nolan’s Miss Flight; 2, J Coles’ Beverly Geisha Girl. exc 148cm.– 1 & ch, Chycoose Troubadour; 2 & res, A Browne’s Misunderstood; 3, E Giles’ Glentons Adonis. hack, nov.– 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Right Of Veto; 2, I Smeeth’s Aerodrome; 3, T Ewen’s Dowhills Frilly Tilly. RIHS sml.– 1 & res, H Windsor-Phillips’ Wesswood Caste A Spell; 2, R Lucas’ Lyncombe Legend; 3, V Rudd’s Burfordly Sea Wolf. lge.– 1 & ch, D Heath’s Marque Of Distinction; 2, C Bardo’s Broadshard Simplicity; 3, V Hesford’s Whalton Forgery. riding horse, nov.– 1, Renelles Stud’s Classic Top Sweet Enough; 2, S Kernan’s Diorissimo; 3, A Mallalieu’s Apple Charlotte. RIHS sml.– 1 & res, C Bardo’s Berkeley Square; 2, V Hesford’s Midnight Scoundrel; 2, J Stokes’ Twice As Smart. lge.– 1 & ch, C Bardo & J Beatham’s Comberton Clancy; 2, Diorissimo; 3, C Jones’ Kilindini. HOYS int SRT sml.– 1, Wesswood Caste A Spell; 2 & res, L Waters’ Roseberry Highland Fling; 3, Lyncombe Legend. lge.– 1 & ch, A Thomas’ Holltess House Of Cards; 2, A Thomas’ Roseberry Ladies Day; 3, B Moore’s Mathemadam High Spirit. Tattersalls RoR NH.– 1, Kilindini; 2, Hero’s Count Campioni; 3, S Hiscox’s Royal Clerk. Flat.– 1, J Sharp’s Valentine Jak; 2, D Bamonte Phantom Whisper. RoR challenge.– 1, R Thomas’ Sherkhan; 2, C Hankinson’s Moratti; 3, V Gillett’s Abbyann. appaloosa in-hand, 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, P Halstead’s E B A Pinot Noir. y’stk.– 1 & res, EBA Montrachet. in-hand part-bred.– 1, Langson Stud’s Tajfun; 2, K Parker’s Bespoke Bertie; 3, D French’s Mr Pepper Pot. ridden.– 1, Tajfun; 2, E B A Pinot Noir. Connemara in-hand, y’ling.– 1, S Vivian’s Greycroft Ronan; 2, A Weeden’s Pebblebeach Breeze. 2/3yo.– 1, J Williams’ Rosscon Wren; 2, S Vivian’s Greycroft Rohanna; 3, L Wallace’s Rosenaharley Laura’s Aoife. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, K Gorman’s Anbally Cloud; 2 & res, J Andrews’ Coral Mistys Jane; 3, N Walters’ Ben Ban Venus. Dales/Fell in-hand y’stk.– 1, R Lock’s Wellbrow Dodger; 2, A Parker’s Banksgate Song Bird. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, E Schwarzin’s Fairlawn Dominic; 2 & res, C Dodd’s Gullivers Buccaneer. Dartmoor in-hand, mare.– 1, D Hodge & Walters’ Newoak Myth; 2, P Jennings’ Trefursdon Ring Of Bells; 3, J Jordan’s Moortown New Romance. y’ling.– 1, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks St Morwena; 2, P Roberts’ Hisley Party Piece; 3, A Sharp’s Huckworthy Kestrel. 2yo.– 1, J Jordan’s Moortown Magic Wish; 2, S Aylesbury-Rodgers’ & S Jeffrey’s Wistmans Gorse Blossom; 3, P Jennings’ Princesgate Bellringer. 3yo.– 1 & ch, P Tyler’s Springwater Anna; 2, J Jordan’s Moortown Divine; 3, A Sharp’s Huckworthy Jenny Wren. 4yo & over.– 1, E Collis’ Dunmere Billy Green; 2, J Newbery’s Newoak Designer Edition. stallion/colt 2yo & over.– 1 & res, J Jordan’s Moortown Countryman; 2, J Newbery’s Hisley Silversmith. Exmoor in-hand, mare.– 1, M Williams’ Waltersgay Rosebud; 2, J Ablett & G Langdon’s Tawbitts Camomile; 3, J Wharton’s Wickhurst Hearsease. 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, W Vint’s Dun Kery Quelea; 2, S Poulter’s Maenad; 3, J McLaren’s Anchor Eastwind. y’ling.– 1, M Richardson’s Buttondown Kelly; 2, W Vint’s Dunlery Parula; 3, A Westcott’s Sandew. 4yo & over.– 1, J Ablett & G Langdon’s Tawbitts Victor; 2, C Quantrill’s Cheritonridge Shiraz. stallion.– 1 & res, A Westcott’s Dunkery Nuthatch; 2, S Poulter’s Flying Buttress. Highland in-hand, y’stk.– 1 & res, S Moran’s Conway Harlequin; 2, W Bridges’ Holmedown Clearwater; 3, C Quick’s Finches Dollybird. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, W Bridges’ Holmedown Chicago; 2, C Quick’s Holmedown Niagara Falls; 3, C Radice’s Holmedown Charlotte. New Forest in-hand, mare.– 1, W Dibdin’s Ashley Marshioness; 2, J Lowth’s Burley Holly; 3, T Nineham & J Young’s Brock Brocade. y’ling.– 1, W Dibdin’s Ashley Rancher; 2, K Armitage’s Willoway Madeline. 2/3yo.– 1, B Ingrid’s Knavesash Northstar; 2, S Kilford’s Furzley Fanfare; 3, E Collis’ Buttslawn Brigadier. 4yo & over.– 1, K Armitage’s Blakeswater Serenade; 2, L Wilkinson’s Arctic Spark; 3, J Adams’ Hollybrooke Ginger. stallion.– 1 & ch, K Robb’s Knavesash Alchemist; 2 & res, S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Sovereign. Welsh sec A.– 1 & ch, Mrs S Morris’ Friars Donnatella; 2 & res, Mr R L Miller & D M Davies’ Heniarth Yum-Yum; 3, Mrs & Miss Abrahall’s Flydon Hudol. y’ling filly.– 1, Mrs & Miss Sheil’s Dukeshill Primavera; 2, Mr H Leeuwenhaag’s Shamrocklake Cherrish Clemantine; 3, Mrs A G Jeffries’ Dargale Athena. do colt/geld.– 1 & sp, Mrs C Brook’s Blanche Montana; 2, Mr S Anderson’s Thistledown San Sior. 2/3yo filly.– 1, Mr & Mrs C Abel’s Manorlea Maisey May; 2, Mr & Mrs Franklin’s Sarum Rosie Lee; 3, Mrs & Miss Abrahall’s Fyldon Tylluan. do colt/geld.– 1, Mr S Anderson’s Thistledown Snow Storm; 2, Mrs E Bacon’s Wedog Bobby Dazzler; 3, Miss R Neale’s Treynys Trooper. stallion/geld 4yo & over.– 1, Mrs & Miss Sheil’s Nantdywell Penaig; 2, Mrs V Mardon’s Sarum Raphael. foal.– 1, Mr R L Miller & D M Davies. sec B, mare.– 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs L E Bigley’s Llanarth Delilah; 2, Mr & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Dahlia; 3, V Stephens’ Annandale Pebbles. y’ling, filly.– 1, Miss A Williams’ Thistledown Golden Zumba; 2, Mrs E C Jarvis’ Lemonshill Lacewing; 3, Mrs A J Nicholson’s Larkhaven Talwyn. do colt/geld.– 1, Mr S Anderson’s Thistledown Artic Monkey; 2, Mrs K E Cheetham’s Carrwood Pharoah. 2/3yo filly.– 1 & res, Mrs K E Cheetham’s Carrwood Summertime; 2, Mrs J S Hall’s Grais Hall Lara; 3, Mrs S E Pollett’s Laithehill Concerto. do colt/geld.– 1, Mrs L Wilson’s Paddock Rio; 2, Mrs J Wyman’s Brookhall Royal Mint; 3, Mrs T Caunt’s Priestwood Darwin. stallion/geld 4yo & over.– 1, Mr S Anderson’s Mowbray Pilgrim; 2, Mrs J Wyman’s Carrwood Phoenix; 3, Durleyhill Stud’s Durleyhill Meridius. foal.– 1, Mr & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Dahlia. sec C, mare.– 1 & res, Miss C Granger’s Mitcheltroy Classy Lady; 2, Miss P Whitlock’s Peasedown Betty Bo; 3, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Ruth. filly, y’ling.– 1, Mrs S Palmer’s Blaidd Lauren. colt/geld do.– 1, Mr J Bowerman’s Kudos Jimmy Dean; 2, Mr B Orchard’s Oldeworlde Rolls Royce; 3, Mr & Mrs Walker’s Glebedale Dick Dastardly. filly 2/3yo.– 1, Miss J Homer’s Brynarth Lady Capulet. stallion/geld 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, Miss R H Reading’s Fronarth Defoe; 2, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Bouncing Rocket; 3, Mrs M J Burt’s Dycott Mab-Y-Brenin. foal.– 1, Mrs C Crutchley’s Synod Sweet Celina. sec D, mare.– 1 & ch, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Chatterbox; 2, Mrs C Fell’s Gwynfaes Carnwennan; 3, Mr & Mrs A Booth’s Rainhill Olwen. y’ling filly.– 1, Mr & Mrs J Knowlson’s Kylebeck Cameo; 2, Mrs C Crutchley’s Synod Rosy Peek A Boo; 3, Mr & Mrs A Booth’s Ilar Alexis. do colt/geld.– 1, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Joshua Jones; 3, Miss S Weal’s Cwmesgair Branwalader. 2/3yo filly.– 1, Miss C Roberts’ Danaway Henrietta. do colt/geld.– 1, Miss D Watkins’ Aberlogin Black Magic; 2, Miss H Jeans’ Cascob Locomotion. stallion/geld 4yo & over.– 1 & res, Mr & Mrs L E Bigley’s Llanarth Prince Of Wales; 2, Miss L Moore & M Russell’s Abborfield Prince Michael; 3, Mrs A Edwards’ Foryd Dafydd Ddu. foal.– 1, Nebo Stud. Olympia Heritage M&M, Connemara.– 1, Miss S Roberts’ Banks Vanilla; 2, Miss A Smith’s Oaklands Satyricon; 3, Miss C Saker’s Marley Denes Nashaal. Welsh sec A/B.– 1 & ch, Mrs K Scott’s Cadlanvalley Sandpiper; 2, Miss S Roberts’ Cottrell Leonardo; 3, Mr & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Iska Roc. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland.– 1, Mrs A Nicholls’ Blackthorn Blush Rose; 2, D Barr’s Sharptor Laser Red; 3, Miss S Roberts’ Newoak Furious. sec C.– 1, Peasedown Betty Bo; 2, D Barr’s Sauvey Golden Condor; 3, Miss N Musson’s Popsters Tommy Cockles. sec D.– 1, Mr K Gibbons’ Broughton Last Express; 2, Mrs A Bowlby’s Kentchurch Charity; 3, Mrs S Thomson’s Pennal The Great. Dales, Fell, Highland.– 1 & res, Miss G Stanford’s Tower Clyde; 2, K Chappell & Ms Rayfield’s Wolsey Xabi; 3, Miss L Briant & Miss A Holt’s Lunesdale Prince Albert. NPS M&M LR.– 1, Miss K Lockhart’s Newoak Designer Editor; 2, Mrs D Pittey’s Rushfield Morgan Spice; 3, Mrs L Cox’s Abbeybells Father Robert. FR.– 1, Mrs E Dove’s Fosterhouses Finale; 2, Mrs L Opperman’s Manwee Celebration; 3, Mr PR Jennings & Miss S H Jeffery’s Trefursdon Ring Of Bells. BSPS SP, mx ht rest.– 1, Mrs S Hawken’s Wyecroft Pasha. BSPS LR.– 1 & ch, Mrs K Allen’s Cornashton Sky Wishes; 2, Miss P Whitlock’s Drenrow Chance Encounter; 3, Miss H Larcombe’s Barkway Mimosa. FR.– 1 & res, Mrs C Pooley’s Baylew St Patrick; 2, Mrs V Bywater’s Fofsway Ganymede; 3, Miss S Kernan’s Uppacott Childs Cross. BSPS SHP, 122cm.– 1, Uppacott Childs Cross; 2, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Millay Gingerbread; 3, Mr S N True’s Littlecourt All Gold. 133cm.– 1 & res, Mr B McKinnon’s Yealand Breeze; 2, Miss M Simpson’s Oakum Just George. 143cm.– 1, Miss H Jeans’ Nicadaemus Scimitar; 2, Mrs S Weaver’s Boston Bravado. 153cm.– 1 & ch, Mrs D L Thomas’ Chiddock Big Ben; 2, Mrs A Enticott’s Pocahuntas; 3, Mrs J Sleep’s Wiske. HOYS int SHT.– 1, Ms D Lacey’s Halfmoon Bellavista; 2, M & R Cooper’s Suwaneee River; 3, Mrs D L Thomas’ Your Honour. BSPS WHP, 133cm.– 1, Mrs J Eaton’s Pebbly Principal Boy. 143cm.– 1, Mrs J Meyrick’s Carnsdale Mighty Mouse; 2, Mrs J L Somerset’s Sellernane Lade; 3, Mrs R Marston’s Linbrook Numero Uno. 153cm.– 1, Mrs N J Pitman’s Carnsdale Squire Fox. int.– 1 & ch, Miss S Gould’s Get Set II; 2 & res, Mrs J Guy’s Westside Ronnie. NPS M&M WHP, 122cm.– 1, D Barr’s Doodenhill Coral Lilly; 2, Mrs S M Goodman’s Rookery Fizz; 3, Miss S Kernan’s Lickfold Saracen. 138cm.– 1 & ch, Millcroft Iska Roc; 2 & res, Mrs J L Somerset’s Tyan Tullamore; 3, Mrs G Gould’s Gellihaf Ronaldo. exc 138cm.– 1, Ms M Lawless’ Trefaldwyn Dylan; 2, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Braemar Breeze; 3, Sabinas Golden Sovereign. HOYS miniature, stallion.– 1 & res, Mrs H Leonard’s Spotlights Rough Diamond; 2, Mrs J Duke’s Dukes Twist Of Colours; 3, R Parsons’ Spotlights Bo Diddly. mare/geld.– 1 & res, Mrs S Quiney’s Scott Creek My Key To Fashion; 2, Miss C Barnard’s Scott Creek Monarch Velour; 3, Mrs S Davies’ Lewingales Painted Doll. y’ling/2yo.– 1 & 2, Mrs S Quiney’s Spotlights Money Penny & Spotlights Finale; 2, Mrs E Yaxley’s Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance. Shetland mare.– 1, Shawdene Stud’s Snelsmore Hashini; 2, Hodge & Walters’ Halstock Gracious; 3, Mr F Hodder’s Eiger Jasmine. y’ling.– 1, Mrs T King’s Wotknotts Alfie; 2, Mr & Mrs Smith’s Sharptor Rosewood; 3, Mr D Jackson’s Tawna Florrie Fimble. filly, 2/3yo.– 1, Ms S A King’s Tawna Petunia; 2, Mr F Hodder’s Eiger Lanzerheidi; 3, Mr & Mrs Smith’s Robin’s Brae Neve. colt/geld do.– 1, Mrs T Ridgers’ Wotknotts Cedric; 2, Ms G Lloyd’s Kerswell Senator; 3, Mr A Winton’s Wenlockedge Ebony. stallion/geld.– 1 & ch, Mr F Hodder’s Eiger Hugo; 2 & res, Hodge & Walters’ Halstock Claret; 3, Mrs T Waterhouse’s Jay Of Jopa.

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